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Showtime dropped into SDCC 2021 this year with a panel all about season nine of their hit show Dexter. The network announced at the end of 2020; the longtime series would be returning for one final season. The last season to air dropped in 2013, so there is quite a time skip ahead of us. In fact, the new season is set ten years after the events of season eight.

Here is a brief synopsis for anyone who isn’t familiar with Dexter. The lovable Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is a Miami forensics specialist by day and conflicted serial killer by night. He follows a very special code (Code of Henry) that includes things like don’t get caught, don’t kill innocent people, targets must have evaded the justice system and so on. His goal is to save those around him by taking on this lifelong burden.

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Superfan Kristin Dos Santos hosted the Dexter panel. It included Hal (Dexter), showrunner Clyde Phillips, executive producer Scott Reynolds, executive producer and director Marcos Siega and newcomer Julia Jones (Angela). Hall kicked off the panel, sharing how he is excited to get back into the series after so many years. He has been approached before, but nothing ever felt right until now. He has always wondered what might have been going on in Dexter’s life after season eight.

Season eight left a few open-ended ideas that part of the fan base felt poorly about. With a chance to do season nine, Hall is hopeful that this is going to be a way to really bring those people what they are looking for. Dos Santos shifted gears by diving into Jones’s character. She told us how wonderful her arc is and that she has been excited to bring this character to life and be a part of this series.

Not to get into too many spoilers here, but the panel goes into roughly how season eight drew to a close and where the story picks up. We have been given two new teaser trailers recently and the panel discussed the more intricate parts of those before tying everything up with a brand new teaser at the very end. It shows that Dexter has settled into his new life and sells hunting rifles and weapons. Fitting, really. But sometimes, it is hard just to walk away from your past and it seems like someone is going to trigger Dexter to return to his old ways.

Dexter will dop on Showtime Sunday, November 7, 2021. I highly suggest rewatching the first eight seasons prior (I sure will be) in preparation! Check out the full panel below. The teaser trailer kicks off at about the 41-minute mark. What do you think of this new season? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

Season nine of Dexter stars Hall, Jones, Jennifer Carpenter, Clancy Brown, Johnny Seqyouyah, David Magidoff, Oscar Walhberg, Alano Miller, Jack Alcott and Jamie Chung.

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