When it comes to horror movies, I always tell myself that those with more “supernatural” elements aren’t as scary. A man who can get back up after being shot 30 times. Not real. A nightmare-fueled killer with knives on his fingers. Never going to happen to me. But there is one that, no matter how I look at it, just terrifies me. And it’s a two-foot-nothing doll named Chucky. During SDCC 2021, we got a look at the new series from USA and SYFY.

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The Legacy of Chucky panel kicked off with some of our favorite moments over the last few decades. We also heard from those who have been attached to the franchise one way or another, including Jennifer Tilly, Christine Elise, Brad Dourif and so many more. The terrifying franchise has had such an amazing following since the release of Child’s Play. It just continues to grow as new generations are introduced to the pint-sized serial killer.

The new Chucky series will see the return of fan favorites Alex Vincent (Andy) and Elise (Kyle) as they dive into what their lives are like 30 years after the events of the first film. Vincent and Elise shared that the new series will have a lot for longtime fans to be excited about. The series will also dive into more about the backstory of how Chucky came to be and what life was like for Charles Lee Ray before he ended up in the doll. Elise even went on to say that because of the TV format, it has given them time to really flush out characters.

There is a lot to be excited about for longtime fans of the franchise and those looking to dive into the world of Chucky. The panel ended with a brand new trailer for the series that gives a more in-depth look at what we can expect. We’ve linked the full panel and trailer below for you to enjoy.

The series premiere of Chucky will air on SYFY on October 12, 2021. Are you excited to get scared all over again? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!


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