It feels like a lifetime since we dove into Warner Bros and DC’s Batman: The Long Halloween Part One. And I know it hasn’t been that long since it was released at the end of June. But thankfully, we are coming to the end of our wait for the release of Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two. Today during SDCC 2021, we got the chance to see just what was in store for us during their panel.

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The panel was hosted by the marvelous Tiffany Smith and included screenwriter Tim Sheridan, Troy Baker (Joker), Julie Nathanson (Gilda Dent), Katee Sackhoff (Poison Ivy) and Jensen Ackles (Batman). Poor Jensen was outnumbered by his villain counterparts and even Tim is on their side. Tim even went on to share that part two is just jam-packed with all of the iconic Batman villains. And it was those villains he loved writing for.

Julie gave us a little more of an in-depth look at Gilda Dent and the duality of her character within Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two. We see quite a bit of it between Harvey and Gilda during part one. If you have read the comic, you already know how important Gilda’s character will be going forward. Tim even shared how much fun it was to bring her character to life for the screen and how great Julie was.

Throughout the panel, what truly struck me was just how excited the cast and Tim are for these films. Getting to hear Troy share how much he loved Jensen’s performance and how well Katee did with Poison Ivy. It gives me no doubt that everyone attached to this project absolutely loves it. Everyone feels responsible for their performance and to work together to bring everything to life.

In conjunction with the Q&A, DC brought in Heidi Matrix to gave us great cosplay tips as she created a look specifically for Troy’s version of the Joker. I highly suggest checking out the entire Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two panel for yourself. The second film is set to release on DVD on July 27, 2021.




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