The Walking Dead season 10 was cut short by one episode. The producers and cast make their 11th appearance at San Diego Comic Con to talk about the finale and a little about what’s in store for season 11. 

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Panel: Scott M. Gimple, Angela Kang, Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, Josh McDermitt, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Peyton, Paola Lopez 

Moderator: Chris Hardwick

Hardwick announced the season 10 finale will air before the premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond in October.

Hardwick split up the cast into two groups. Kang, Gimple, and Nicotero stayed online for both groups. The panel starts with the first ten minutes of the season finale. Watch below.


The panel starts with McBride, Reedus, Marquand, and Peyton joining Gimple, Kang, and Nicotero.

Kang announced that COVID has affected the TWD schedule. Other than the season 10 finale, there will be no new episodes in 2020. However! There will be an extended season 10. They are planning to air six new episodes in early 2021. 

Reedus says Daryl had a lot on his plate last season. From dealing with Carol and taking care of Judith and RJ, and having to be the leader. It was exhausting. Different days are focused on different fights. It’s hard for Daryl to watch Carol be consumed with vengeance. Reedus says Daryl is always the kind of character that will always be there. He’s constantly being put in these situations. And he likes being uncle Daryl. Those moments of kind hearted laughter, he needs that.

And Daryl is not looking for a rematch with Beta (Ryan Hurst). Reedus says he was pretty beat up after that first fight and he’s not looking forward to another one. Everyone agrees, Hurst is a big guy!

Peyton says Ezekiel is kind of running from his problems and looking for adventure. On one hand, he’s dealing with cancer, his failed marriage to Carol, and watching his community fall apart. On the other hand he has a clock on him. So he’s going to fit in his bucket list before it’s all over. 

McBride says Carol has gone through quite a journey. She’s trying to make amends and find some perspective, but she’s blinded by vengeance and grieve. And that put a damper on her friendship with Daryl. McBride really liked her talk with Kelly. She needed to be reminded that she’s a lone wolf and she needs to accept that. 

Where does Daryl and Carol’s friendship stand now? McBride just makes a noise and Reedus drew a sad face for her. Kang adds they are starting at a low point. The thing about Daryl and Carol is they have one of the coolest relationships on the show. They can be real with each other in ways that not everyone can, so the hurts run deeper. 

Marquand says he would like to see Aaron find love, but there’s so many threats coming from all angles. Love for anyone is not of the ultimate importance. So maybe Aaron shouldn’t find love because everyone he loves dies, i.e. Eric and Jesus. Marquand also said he enjoyed filming the scene with the masked newcomer in the finale opening sequence. He said it reminds him of Michonne’s entrance into the show. It was really cool. 

Hardwick had some rapid fire questions. If Judith told Daryl the truth of where Michonne went, would Daryl have followed Michonne? Reedus says no because he promised to take care of the kids and the communities. If given the choice to get a Norma-corn tattoo or a Judith-size motorcycle, Reedus would pick the tattoo.

The Walking Dead SDCC 2020 Panel

Lauren Cohan, Josh McDermitt, Seth Gilliam, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Paola Lopez join the The Walking Dead Comic-Con At Home panel

Hardwick welcomes Cohan, Morgan, Gilliam, McDermitt, and Lopez to the panel.

It’s good to see Cohan back on a TWD panel. Cohan says it feels like she never left. Now that Maggie is back, what does this mean for Negan? Kang says it’s not going to be an easy road. While Maggie was gone, Negan grew as a person. Maggie hasn’t seen that. These two will have to figure out how to occupy the same space. 

Cohan is excited to meet who will play her son Hershel. She’s also excited for Cailey Fleming who plays Judith to meet Hershel. She’s been watching Fleming and thinks they will have some illuminating conversations.  Morgan is excited to meet Hershel as well. He says Negan has a way with kids. He’s honest with them. So Hershel will know who he is.

Gilliam says the hardest part about playing Father Gabriel is wearing black all the time. He thought he’d get used to it, but he hasn’t. And he’s excited that it was revealed that Carol let Negan out of the cell. 

Hardwick asked McDermitt what he saw in Stephanie that he didn’t see in Rosita. McDermitt says he connected with Stephanie on a different level. She has more in common with Stephanie that Rosita did. He’s interested to find out what they don’t like about each other.  McDermitt would like to see Eugene grow while in a relationship. 

Lopez connected to her fans in a way she didn’t expect. She said revealing her truth and her struggles opened up a lot of conversation with her fans that she appreciates to no end. She would love to share a scene with Morgan. Princess and Negan are a lot alike, both of them are wild, extroverted and wordy. But Lopez really wants Carol to like Princess because Carol is her favorite character. 

If Gimple could create a spin-off series with any character pre-apocalypse, it would be Glenn (Steven Yeun). One because he misses Yuen and two, because it would be funny. Gimple says they are looking into more spin-offs with older characters at the beginning of the apocalypse.

Kang is most excited for the fans to see so much. She’s excited for people to see what happens to Beta; what happens to Carol and her revenge arc; Daryl and his leadership role; Seth has some amazing scenes in this episode; and Maggie’s return. Nicotero says the last five minutes of the finale will take everything to an entirely different place.

And that’s a wrap for The Walking Dead Comic-Con At Home panel!

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You can watch the full panel on YouTube. The Walking Dead season 10 final on Sunday, October 4. 




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