Cue Homer running into the house, some eye-catching five second bit about them sitting on the couch, and the creator credits appearing on screen! You’ve got yourself the intro to The Simpsons. Thanks to Disney Plus, every Simpsons fan can now enjoy television’s longest running show anywhere, anytime. SDCC 2020 continued on Saturday with the panel, Simpsons @ Home, guaranteed to make you laugh, moderated by our beloved Lisa Simpson, also known as Yeardley Smith. Guests on the panel include Al Jean, Matt Selman, David Silverman, Carolyn Omine, Mike B. Anderson.

The panel starts with a small bit about Homer, the lovable and not-so-bright father, dropping in out of nowhere in a pumpkin carriage and introducing himself as a Disney princess. Technically, it’s true!

The show’s production was recently moved to everyone’s home and they did that in a little over a week, which is pretty impressive considering the pandemic was not something anyone expected. The cast and staff talk about what the transition of working from home has been like versus not being in the presence of everyone they’re used to seeing everyday. “There is energy that you get from other people. There’s a sense of play that’s not easy to achieve. Everything is to the group, for public consumption,” says Carolyn Omine.

Matt Selman gave us a new term to describe what some of us have been doing for months, pandemic eating, which is eating whatever’s going bad next. “I still do a pretty fair amount [of writing]. We have two separate rooms and what’s funny is since this [quarantine] happened we have no communication basically. So I asked everybody yesterday, ‘how late does Selman’s room get out?’” Al Jean commented.

The Simpsons on Disney Plus

Everyone showed viewers visual memories and collectibles of the quirky characters they have helped create over the years including Homer doing a mirror selfie (with duck lips), Krusty the Clown holding a sign saying, “will drop pants for food,” Marge and Homer getting into some risky adult activities, Bart Simpson cereal from 2002, Marge having hairy legs after getting a cast cut off, and many more things that fans will love to see.

The panel even conferenced in fans of the shows to ask questions directly to the Simpsons team and they didn’t disappoint. When questioned about guest stars, the writers revealed that Hannibal Buress, Olivia Coleman, David Harbour, Sir Michael Palin and Ben Platt are just a few of the people that will be joining the long roster of Simpsons guest stars in the upcoming season.

The Simpsons

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Simpsons panel if someone didn’t do something out of the ordinary and David Silverman delivered by playing the Simpsons theme on the tuba. That was something fans most likely wouldn’t have gotten to witness in San Diego, so thanks Coronavirus!

This show truly is going to outlive us all. Season 32 coming soon!



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