NOS4A2 is deep into its second season on AMC. The second season picks up eight years after Season One. Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) has a son, Wayne (Jason David), and things are great until Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto) returns. Charlie is back for revenge on Vic. Who will be victorious? Showrunner, producers and Zachary Quinto were on hand at SDCC 2020 to talk about the war between Vic and Charlie.

Panel: Jami O’Brien, Joe Hill, Zachary Quinto

Moderator: Clark Collis

The panel started with a teaser for the second half of NOS4A2 Season Two.

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Season Two delves more into Charlie Manx’s backstory. Quinto says some of that backstory comes from the graphic novel, Wraith, from Hill. Some very unfortunate circumstances put Charlie on his journey. That episode is one of his favorites. Quinto says he was grateful for the content and structure of the episode. 

Mattea Conforti plays Millie Manx. O’Brien says she did such an amazing job in season one. Millie doesn’t actually show up until the end of the book. But they were so impressed with Conforti that they wanted to expand her story in Season Two. Hill adds that Millie’s story is really about growing up. 

Jason David plays Wayne McQueen. David was really great in his audition as well. She could see him getting more comfortable as the season progressed. He got so comfortable that he started directing the others. 

Quinto also praises Ashleigh Cummings and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson. He really enjoys working with Cummings. She brought her dog to the set in Season One. Her dog and his dog are friends. Quinto became great friends with Ólafsson. He even spent time with Ólafsson in Iceland before the shutdown. Quinto says Bing proves to be more than meets the eye in Season Two. 

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Notable new characters are The Hourglass, played by Paul Schneider, described as a fanboy of Charlie Manx. Season Two will explore his story. And then there’s Lou Carmody, played by Jonathan Langdon. Lou actually showed up in the Season One finale. He is one of O’Brien’s favorite characters. She says his superpower is humor and remaining calm. She says Lou is such a great dad. And he’s so accepting that the supernatural exists.

Quinto also talks about episode five, “Bruce Wayne McQueen” that aired last week. He says that sequence was his favorite in the book and he wondered how they would pull it off. The director of that episode, Hanell Culpepper, pulled it off. It was the most fun episode to film for Quinto. 

O’Brien praises the strong female characters in the show. She wanted to adapt the book, because she fell in love with Vic McQueen. She just has so much courage. Maggie Leigh, played by Jahkara Smith, is also very brave. She’s super smart. Her curiosity and super-powered brain are her strengths. Hill adds that Maggie has to fight this season as well.

The panel ended with teasers for the rest of Season Two. Hill says as bad as things seem, it can only get worse. O’Brien says to expect some unexpected action from Bing. Quinto says the Bing stuff is some of his favorite. They are building up to a big showdown. The last half of the season will rev up and drive the viewers into the heart of the conflict between Vic and Charlie. 

That’s a wrap for NOS4A2

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You can watch the NOS4A2 on YouTube. NOS4A2 airs Sunday nights on AMC. 



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