It’s Morphin’ Time with the cast and writers of the Power Rangers universe! Moderated by Erin Cahill, this SDCC panel, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Future is Now, talks about the newer Power Rangers series and their future in comics. Featuring Ryan Parrott (Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers), Marco Renna (Power Rangers), Matthew Erman, Giuseppe Cafaro, and Francesco Segala (Power Rangers: Sins of the Future) along with Matthew Levine (editor, BOOM! Studios), Dafna Pleban (senior editor, BOOM! Studios) and Steve Cardenas (“Rocky DeSantos” on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers).

The panel started off with an awesome comic book introduction and everyone’s favorite Power Ranger. “My second favorite Power Ranger is Billy. There’s just something about a nerd you kind of want to mess up. In a comic book you can really put people through a lot of trials and tribulations,” says Dafna Pleban. Her first favorite ranger is of course, our moderator, Erin Cahill from Power Rangers Time Force.

When asked about kicking off a whole new era of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Zeo, Matthew Levine explains what the next step is after having earned fan’s trust with the series. “…we can now turn to bigger and bolder stories. Now it’s about how can we go above and beyond where we started….now we can just keep aiming higher,” says Levine.

During the panel, fans were given an exclusive sneak peek at the look of the new Green Ranger, while also keeping the identity of the re-designed Ranger under wraps. “It’s exactly who you expect and who you least expect. It’s like a familiar face for some. It may feel like a whole new character for others,” explains Ryan Parrott.

Speaking of creating a new Power Ranger, another SDCC 2020 fan exclusive for Power Ranger fans was the introduction of new Time Force Ranger, Cloe. “When I was a child I used to recolor all my Power Rangers toys. This is like another version of it. It’s always amazing to create new Power Rangers. Drawing the human part of the Power Ranger is definitely the best part,” confesses Giuseppe Cafaro.

Time Force fans can expect Easter eggs from Hyperforce, there will be connections in the timeline of Time Force that haven’t been addressed yet, and overall the dynamics between the existing characters and new characters is going to make for awesome new content.

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