The year was 1945. Two founders, Harold Matson and Elliot Handler, sat in a garage in Los Angeles, creating what would later become the leading toy company in the world, Mattel. The brands under this company span from Hot Wheels and Barbie to Fisher Price and Masters of the Universe. Now, there is an all new platform from the company called Mattel Creations. It will give creators the freedom to reimagine toys from pop culture that you won’t find anywhere else.

Chris Down, Mattel Chief Design Officer and moderator of this year’s SDCC Mattel Creations: Designing Pop Culture panel, explains what these unique collaborations with their brands and creators ultimately mean for everyone. “What Mattel Creations represents is that it’s a flexible platform designed to showcase some of the most interesting thinking that never even makes it to mass market shelves…we can appeal to the right collector, enthusiast, or pop culture connoisseur.”

Jennifer Tan, Pixar Director of Consumer Products, talks about what it was like for the creators to work on the very cute figurine mashup of the Toy Story Alien and Pizza Planet. “The level of passion and detail that they pay attention to gets a kick out of this hybrid of characters.” Jennifer goes on to explain how fun it was brainstorming the collision of the Pizza Planet delivery person, that we haven’t really seen in the films, with the adorable aliens fans have always loved to see.

“It’s an attractive product. There’s a certain visceral reaction to them that cannot be denied,” says SVP of Design for Mattel, Ed Duncan. “We’ve had a lot of success with packages that really drive the storytelling.” Being that it’s the 25th Anniversary of Toy Story, the product is perfect timing for people to start looking for new collectibles to bring into their homes either for themselves or for their kids.

Another hot off the press product, that will be sure to sell out is a six figurine Master Chief collection set from Halo. The collection even comes with a chip that fans will recognize from the video game series that when inserted in the front of the packaging, lights up the entire box. “We’re coming up on our 20th anniversary so this exclusive set focuses on the Master Chief,” says Halo Designer Joel Ferstyl. The box itself has Master Chief’s 1-5 and the Infinite Chief. “Packaging alone, when fans see this, they’re going to flip their lids.”

Other products revealed during SDCC 2020 were the Mr. T action figure from WWE, a Jurassic Park figurine in a Barbasol can from Universal, and the Hot Wheels® Star Wars X-Wing Dagobah™ Starship.

All new products will be available for purchase on Mattel Creations website, found here, this Fall. You can check out the full panel below. Happy 75th Anniversary Mattel!

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