During Kevin Smith‘s spotlight panel last night during SDCC 2020, he dropped a world premiere trailer for his next film, Killroy Was Here. The horror anthology will feature several short stories inspired by the WWII graffiti of the same name. It isn’t all horror, though. Smith shared that it will still feature the comedy fans know him for.

Originally the film was meant to be titled Anti-Claus and feature the folklore creature Krampus, but that idea was scrapped. Instead he used the idea to create a group of stories surrounding the WWII graffiti. The trailer shows off everything from kids trying perform cult rituals to a priest with a lot of secrets. Whether each story will lead into the next is hard to tell, but they will all at least feature the title character, Killroy.

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The trailer for Killroy Was Here proves it has everything we know and love from a Smith film. It has everything from his comedy to a cast full of his friends and family and the feel of an indie horror film. Of course with COVID putting a damper on everything, Smith isn’t entirely sure when this will release. He has hopes it will either be late 2020 or earlier 2021.

The film features Jason Mewes, Harley Quinn Smith, Ralph Garman and Chris Jericho. It is being produced by View Askew Productions, SModcast Pictures and A Semkhor Production. Smith also shared that he worked alongside students at Ringling College of Art and Design to bring the film to life. 

The trailer for Killroy Was Here can be found at minute 48:23.



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