It is never a boring evening when Kevin Smith is involved. And it is no surprise to us that his normal Hall H panel moved online was anything but boring. In fact, I couldn’t stop laughing. The SDCC 2020 panel was full of fun and exciting announcements on some of Smith’s upcoming projects and events. The panel came in just shy of an hour, but was packed from beginning to end in true Smith style. Here are some of the highlights.

2019 Was Smith’s Best Year

Smith opened up his panel reminding us just how much 2020 has sucked so far. But reflecting on his 2019, he said it is hard to imagine any year topping it. Just last year at SDCC 2019 he dropped the official trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot along with the announcement of the road tour. This road tour took him across the country where he sat and watched his new movie with everyone.

During the tour Smith and his longtime partner in crime, Jason Mewes, even had the chance to imprint their hands in front of the TLC Chinese Theater. Now, of course winding up in the cement has a different meaning here in Jersey. He shared that none of this was ever planned, even when he was a child and his dad told him that someday he might be there.

The tour wrapped up in mid-February 2020, when he planned on moving onto his next set of projects. But like everyone else in 2020, COVID-19 made sure that somethings just wouldn’t happen. So while he made us believe that he has been up to next to nothing these last few months, I am happy to share that isn’t true. And being as amazing as Smith is, he made his announcements in a really easy list to share!

Explosion 1! Son-In-Lockdown

Smith and his family have been taking part in TBS’ Celebrity Show-Off creating episodes of Son-In-Lockdown. The series, hosted by Mayim Bialik, features short episodes created by celebrities in their own homes. As of the panel, Smith and his family have recorded four episodes, and he plans on doing a ton more, granted they don’t get voted off the show. Every week he stays on the series generates donations to Smith’s charity of choice, The National Black Coalition Charity.

Explosion 2! Masters of the Universe: Revelation

While Smith couldn’t give us any exact details on the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation series, he was able to let us know it is still in the works. Currently in the animation process (which if Smith could release now he would, but we are thankful for everyone else’s patience) this new series is not a reboot but a new chapter in the story. He hopes to have more official information during next year’s SDCC. No real images or information yet, but he did leave us with a pretty inspiring photo of Skeletor.

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Kevin Smith's Skeletor and Shakespeare Masters of the Universe Photo from SDCC.

Explosion 3! That Kevin Smith Club

If you ever felt like you haven’t gotten enough Smith in your life, the brand new That Kevin Smith Club is exactly what you need. The subscription service provides fans with the entire back catalogue of Smith’s podcasts, scripts (both seen and unseen), old shows and so much more. Now it isn’t just old stuff! Three times a week club members can tune into his new show, Wake & Bake,where he literally wakes, bakes and chats with viewers.

Explosion 4! Vegan Abattoir

Smith has a brand new podcast with his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, titled Vegan Abattoir. After Smith’s heart attack, Harley confronted him about his eating habits and convinced him to try out the vegan lifestyle. They discuss the misinformation surrounding veganism and answer questions brought to them from fans. When they don’t have the answers, they then take it to the real professionals. They aren’t trying to convince you to join the lifestyle, just sharing useful information. Best part is this podcast is free.

Explosion 5! Iron Bob Funko Pop and Collectors Models

My little collector’s heart is crushed at this point, but this news is still really exciting. Smith partnered with Funko Pop to create an SDCC-exclusive pop of the Iron Bob suit from the new Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Why am I sad about this? Well, because it sold out almost right away when the sale went live a few days ago. But Smith shared that there is a chance that the Secret Stash has some pops to sell in shop. He also shared that Robert Kurtzman has created and is selling his own Iron Bob collectables. They can be ordered on his site here.

Explosion 6! Mooby’s Pop Up

What might be some of the best news (to my foodie heart) of the evening is that the Mooby’s Pop Up in West Hollywood is still up and running. Due to the nature of it being strictly take out and appointment only, they have been allowed to stay open during the shutdown. Mooby’s has been apart of nearly every Smith film, even being the main stage for Clerks 2, and it’s exciting to be able to enjoy the food. Not in West Hollywood? You can order a kit through Goldbelly that will be shipped overnight so you can enjoy it the next day.

Explosion 7! Smodcastle

For us New Jersey folks who lose out on the small little stand ups that Smith partakes in on the west coast, we have something new to look forward to. Construction on the new Smodcastle is underway in Red Bank, New Jersey, next to the now infamous Quick Stop where Smith filmed Clerks. As if COVID couldn’t ruin another thing, the opening of the new venue has been delayed, but they are hoping to have everything running by this fall. You can catch up on the action with videos documenting its creation here.

Explosion 8! Killroy Was Here

A few years ago Smith started working with a group of students from the Ringling College of Art and Design to bring to life one of his creations. Killroy Was Here is a horror-type anthology inspired by the WWII graffiti of the boy with the rather long nose. He debuted the first trailer for the film during this panel. It featured everything funny and gory we have come to expect from a Smith film. Now that the reboot is out, he can focus his time on getting this into cinemas. Personally, I can’t wait.

Explosion 9! Twilight of the Mallrats

Just when we thought Smith was done, he popped back one last bit of information. He quickly spoke about the upcoming Twilight of the Mallrats, the long awaited sequel to his second film, Mallrats. Nothing seems to be set in stone. But, Smith did share that since the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot has done so well they decided to start talks with Universal. The new film will take place 25 years after the original, but nothing else is really known.

See You Next Year

Smith closed out his panel thanking everyone for all the support they have provided these last few years. He hopes that next year everyone can be back in Hall H with him to unveil his new and exciting projects!

I highly suggest checking out the entire panel!

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