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Calling all Earpers! Our favorite sh*tshow-that-could, a.k.a. Wynonna Earp, blessed us with the panel to end all panels Saturday evening at San Diego Comic Con. It felt like a well-deserved triumphant respite from the fight to save Wynonna Earp. What better way to celebrate a Season 4 than revel in all things Earp at SDCC? Honestly, besides consuming whiskey and doughnuts, there really is nothing better. 

So, our panelists included show runner Emily Andras, comic creator Beau SmithMelanie Scrofano (Wynonna), Katherine Barrell (Nicole), Greg Lawson (Nedley) and Chantel Riley (Kate). Sadly, Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday) and Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Waverly) were missing in action. I just assumed they were trapped in the Garden of Eden, but thankfully the duo posted this lovely video to address the Earpers. Get ready to melt – mind, body and soul!

Now, Andras revealed that fighting for Wynonna Earp was “even better the second time around.” She also teased an upcoming episode from the fourth season, telling Earpers to keep their eyes out for 407. Cryptic message is cryptic, folks! Perhaps we’ll finally get a musical episode? 

Of course, an Earp party just wouldn’t be complete without some WayHaught love. Barrell stated that Wynonna would definitely “f*ck something up” as far as the WayHaught wedding is concerned. Hey now, let’s give Earp some credit here. She’d provide the entertainment for sure!

Pictured (L to R): Emily Andras, Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, Chantel Riley, Greg Lawson and Beau Smith; @WynonnaEarp

Next, Lawson mentioned that the father-daughter scenes with Barrell were his favorite to film. That, and dressing up like a cowboy. We’ll drink to that. More Nedley/Nicole scenes in Season 4, please! 

Now, Riley revealed that if Kate were to get a tattoo it would be Doc’s hat. Scrofano followed that up by stating Wynonna would get a tattoo of Doc’s heart. How sweet. Nice to see the rivalry has seeped into real life. Side note: more of Kate in future episodes, Wynonna Earp Powers That Be. Also, Scrofano was in top quip-making form in this panel, whipping out witty one-liners just like Wynonna. They are one in the same, Earpers. 

Since we won’t be blessed with a Season 4 trailer for quite some time, our Earp creatives opted for the next best thing – a Season 3 gag reel. Watch our heroes stumble and fumble over dialogue. Scrofano is sure to insert the occasional dick joke. Check it out below!

Wynonna Earp will return in Summer 2020 on your SyFy affiliate. 

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