The AMC series, The Terror: Infamy, is less than a month away from its 2nd season premiere. The trailer that dropped today at San Diego Comic con is promising fans a a supernatural horror with deeply rooted connections to WWII. Last season, the series (just called The Terror) went on a deep dive to what happened to Captain Franklin’s famed lost expedition, where all 129 crew members aboard 2 ships were lost after becoming icebound on their journey to conquer the Northwest Passage. The series was an instant hit so it wasn’t too surprising to hear the news that it would be getting a second season.

This time around this underrated gem will focus on a series of bizarre deaths that haunt a Japanese American internment camp, their dark secrets and one young photographer’s determination to understand the evil behind it all. The show’s panel took place on Friday in SDCC’s room 6A. It featured cast members Derek Mio, George Takei, Kiki Sukezane, Shingo Usami and Cristina Rodlo, along with co-creators and executive producers Alexander Woo and Max BorensteinIndiewire senior editor Hanh Nguyen was also featured as a moderator.

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The cast teased what while the creepy spirits are a huge issue, they may not be the worst thing the characters have to deal with. “The ghosts, of course they are scary, but what human beings do to each other is a lot more scary,” said actor Shingo Usami. 

AMC dropped an incredibly frightening trailer during the panel. It throws around terms such as yurei and bakemono which are connected to Japanese folklore. Meanwhile we see main character Chester Nakayama’s (Derek Mio) life get turned upside down by the government and a mysterious presence that has been running amuck and haunting the Japanese American community.

Take a look at the creepy new trailer for The Terror: Infamy below! It’s a must watch!

The Terror: Infamy premieres August 12th on AMC!

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Fallon Marie Gannon