The Westworld panel at San Diego Comic-Con today did not disappoint. In addition to being in the same room with creators/ executive producers/ directors/ power couple Jonathan Nolan and Lisa JoyThandie Newton (Maeve), Aaron Paul (Caleb), Tessa Thompson (Charlotte Hale), Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores), Jeffrey Wright (Bernard) and surprise walk-on Luke Hemsworth (Ashley Stubbs), the audience members were the first to see the new trailer for Season 3. (Which is at the bottom of this post, if you want to scroll on down.)

Moderator Amy Webb led the panel through a spoiler-light look at the characters and the next season, with Aaron Paul providing the most specifics and Luke Hemsworth perhaps the most entertainment. Love or hate the show, it looks like we’re in for stunning visuals and more mind f***s in Season 3.

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What we learned:

  • The title of Season 3 is “The New World,” following Season 1’s “The Maze” and Season 2’s “The Door.”
  • Luke Hemsworth’s Ashley will be back in Season 3.
  • The Man in Black is definitely back in Season 3.
  • Jonathan Nolan was coy about whether or not we’ve actually left the park in Season 3.
  • Maeve is going to WWII land.
  • Notions of humanity will be challenged (more than they already have been?).
  • Aaron Paul’s character, Caleb, is a construction worker with a complicated past who has a robot named George.
  • IRL, Aaron Paul is a “psychotic” fan of the show.
  • Tessa Thompson learned how to play Dolores-inside-Hale from Evan Rachel Wood, including picking up mannerisms like holding her right hand in her left.
  • Luke Hemsworth can SING.
  • The show’s creators, Jonathan and Lisa Joy Nolan, have uploaded their DNA to a service, drive a car with AI features and have a smart speaker in their home. They’re embracing the future!
  • Westworld returns next year. (SAD FACE)

Quotable Quotes:

“The form of AI we have on this show is thoughtful. Murderous, but thoughtful.” – Jonathan Nolan

“We’ll discover in Season 3 that robots are terrific drivers.” – Jonathan Nolan

“It… makes me think that we are all living in a simulation.” – Aaron Paul

“I never like to leave the house without a Hemsworth.” – Tessa Thompson

Primo Tweets:

New Trailer for Westworld III:

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