The Witcher is one of the most anticipated series to debut on the streaming giant Netflix. The upcoming series adapted from the Andrzej Sapkowski book series will see Geralt of Rivia, Princess Ciri and Yennefer of Vengerberg attempting to navigate the dangerous world of the Continent. To talk about the series, stars Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan along with showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich sat on a panel at SDCC 2019 to tell us more. Yvette Nicole Brown was the moderator.

The panel started off rather tense with a countdown before debuting the first footage from the series. The brief clip shown to fans was Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri together. Apparently “bath tub Geralt lives” so we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for that!

Immediately the panel addressed the books vs games debate. They reminded everyone that the show will be adapted from the books. Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich explained that she initially declined adapting the series as she didn’t think she was the right person to do it. She also cited The Last Wish as the book to make her a fan.

Henry then went on to explain that he was a very big fan of the games and was hoping it would be adapted. Apparently he bugged his agents and the showrunner A LOT when he heard the series was in production. As in he called every day asking about it. Talk about dedication. No wonder he got the part over 206 others. He shared that he did all of his own stunts on the show. He emphasized that “Geralt is very close to his heart”. He put a lot of work into training with swords as well.

We also got to hear from Anya about Yennefer and her role in the series. She claims the character is on a journey of self discovery and makes a lot of sacrifices along the way. She’s even going to have a physical transformation scene. What that entails, we’re unsure, but Anya exclaimed “This scene is such a huge moment in her journey. It was epic. It was freezing, but it was epic!”

Meanwhile this is Freya’s first major role! Last year she was studying for exams, now she’s at Comic Con. She describes Ciri as having a very sheltered upbringing. That she’s privileged and naive about the world but during the course of the show, she’s going to walk in other people’s shoes. Lauren added that she wanted bring backstory to these characters – not just reflected through Geralt’s lens. Can we get an amen?!

We also learned that Geralt is 100 years old in the series and that his horse Roach is the only thing tying him back to humanity. Apparently at this point he’s already gone through a few Roaches but the one we meet in the story is special. “She’s Geralt’s anchor and the only creature he feels emotion for.” But despite that, beneath the hardened exterior, he’s actually a man who believes in the good of humanity.

Some of the clips they showed at the panel included a large sword fight in a castle. User RedanianIntelligence believed it to be the banquet scene of The Last Wish.  They also showed an intense scene of Yennefer on a beach talking to a dead baby. Ciri’s clip showed that she was surrounded by warrior women. 

Fun Quotes/Facts from the Cast

“You will get monsters, violence, sex.” – Lauren S. Hissrich 

“It’s more than a fantasy… it’s a story about a family.” – Lauren S. Hissrich

Henry Cavill explaining what Witchers are: “They travel the world hunting monsters for coin. They’re ultimately just a group of bada**es who kill monsters.”

“Roach is more than just a horse. And more than a flying horse for some of you…” – Henry Cavill

Pinterest is your friend! The production designers used Pinterest boards to help develop ideas for the look of the show!

Anya spit apple all over the floor during her audition. But don’t worry – she cleaned it all up afterwards.


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