Netflix’s The Order season one introduced fans to a new world of magic.  Jack Morton (Jake Manley) attends Belgrave University, but only to find the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. He’s not really interested in becoming a warlock of the Order, as much as he wants to avenge his mother’s death. Jack finds himself in a battle between The Knights of Saint Christopher, aka werewolves and The Order instead. Season one ended on a cliffhanger as the Order erased the minds of the Knights.  

Season two is in the works. The cast and creators were on hand at San Diego Comic Con to discuss what’s in store at Belgrave next season. 

The Panel: Sarah Grey, Adam DiMarco, Devery Jacobs, Thomas Elms, Katharine Isabelle, Louriza Tronco, creator/showrunner Dennis Heaton, writer/EP Shelley Eriksen, and executive producers Chad Oakes and Michael Frislev

The panel started with a video recap of season one.

The cast and producers came on stage at once.  We learned they have not started filming season 2, but they will read a couple of scenes from season 2 onstage.

Manley is in Oklahoma City filming a movie, but he did join in the fun via FaceTime.

Gray says they will be facing more challenges in season two. They have read the first two episodes of the next season and they are hilarious.

DiMarco admits that not all of the werewolf footage is CGI. They actually had a guy in a werewolf suit on set.

Elms tried to drop hints of some spoilers, but it turns out they were fake.  He suggested that we’d see a unicorn/werewolf hybrid. I can’t even image what that would look like. 

Jacobs talks about how Lilith is the only female werewolf.  She thinks fans hated her at first, but grew to love her by the end. Tronco had a different take on her character. She likes playing the bad girl.

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DiMarco was asked which faction would he join in real life.  He says he was real big into magic as a kid and a big fan of Harry Potter, so he would want to be in The Order.

The Order at SDCC

Image from @NXOnNetflix

Manley’s FaceTime kept freezing so Elms took over the part of Jack during the table read. The cast read two scenes. The first, Vera Stone (Isabelle) confronts her disciples after they used magic during a magical moratorium that resulted in the spontaneous combustion of a classmate.

In the second scene, Hamish (Elms)receives a blue rose, signaling his invitation to join the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.  Gabrielle (Tronco), questions him about the society, even though she’s a member; and Hamish starts to question his own existence.  At some point the werewolves tear someone apart.

The Order begins filming season two later this year. Geek Girl Authority has you covered on all The Order updates and news.

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