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Attention, Fillorians! Magic is back, and the cast of The Magicians spread it far and wide Saturday evening at San Diego Comic-Con

Now, panelists in attendance included show runner Sera Gamble, Stella Maeve (Julia), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice), Hale Appleman (Eliot), Summer Bishil (Margo), Arjun Gupta (Penny), Jade Tailor (Kady), Brittany Curran (Fen), Trevor Einhorn (Josh) and Rick Worthy (Dean Fogg). Notably absent was Jason Ralph, but perhaps this is a sign that Quentin Coldwater’s story really has come to a close. Insert sobbing emoji here. 

Next, our favorite magicians opened up about mental health, offering words of encouragement and revealing their own personal experiences. “You can’t give up. You gotta keep going, even if you don’t want to,” Maeve urged the crowd. “You can have depression, you can have anxiety, you can have the things you’re going through and still be strong,” Curran chimed in. “After years of therapy, I realized the only thing I needed to fix was my idea that something needed to be fixed,” Gupta revealed. It’s immensely comforting to have a series that sheds light on the importance of mental health and does its due diligence to end the stigma. 

Then, Appleman gave his two cents on his experience portraying Eliot Waugh. “It means so much to me to meet kids who didn’t have enough representation long ago. Eliot is a hero to me, and those kids are heroes to me,” he revealed. Our former High King is most certainly a hero to us all. 

Pictured: Olivia Taylor Dudley, Hale Appleman and Summer Bishil; @MagiciansSYFY

Oh, and what does Season 5 hold in store for us Fillorians? Well, a musical episode, for one. Our panelists confirmed that a seasonal tradition of The Magicians will continue on. Here’s hoping we’ll get a killer duet featuring Tailor and Appleman! Not to mention, another epic quest will be in the works. The quest to defeat the Dark King? To retrieve part of our crew that’s stranded in the past? Let the speculations commence! 

Now, does Gupta prefer Penny 40 over Penny 23? He commented that, while Penny 40 holds a special place in his heart, he tries not to pick favorites. Bishil was also asked about the level of difficulty in mastering the hand signs. “Oh my god, it’s bloody impossible!” Of course, Bishil makes it all look like a walk in the park. Margo Hanson is my High King now and forever. 

Thankfully, The Magicians Powers That Be released a Season 5 exclusive clip to whet our appetites for the time being. To satiate our hunger for content. This should tide us over until next year, right? In the clip below, we see Julia (Maeve) meet a grandiose Fillorian man who wishes to bestow a quest upon the deceased Quentin. After Julia informs the man that Q is dead, she offers to take up the questing mantle. However, said Fillorian declines her offer, citing that a hero must have a…um…pork loin. We all know what that means, folks. Watch it all unfold here:

Now, time to wait. Time to theorize, binge watch past seasons and wile away the months until Season 5 premieres. Is it 2020 yet? 

The Magicians will return for Season 5 in 2020 on your SyFy affiliate. 

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