Terminator: Dark Fate starts things off in Hall H at SDCC 2019 with some major star power.  The returning cast from previous Terminator films and some new faces are on hand to talk about the film.

The Panel: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta, and director Tim Miller

James Cameron opens the panel with a video. 

The biggest news coming out of this panel is the announcement that Edward Furlong will reprise his role as John Connor.  Furlong has not been seen in film for some time.  since Cameron considers this film the official direct sequel Terminator: Judgment Day, this casting makes complete sense.

Miller described the film as Sarah’s story.  There is only one timeline.  If someone changes something in the past, it rolls forward and changes the future. At the end of T2, Sarah destroyed Cyberdine. Dark Fate will deal with the consequences of that happening. 

The film is officially rated R. Miller says the DNA of the Terminator is R rated.  “To not do it R feels disingenuous to the source material.”  He also says the fans asked for an R rating.

Linda Hamilton Returns

Hamilton talked about her decision to return to the franchise, saying “I felt there was a world of richness I could explore, and then rock it as a woman of a certain age.”  

The rest of the cast joined Hamilton and Miller.  Luna, Davis, Reyes, and Boneta talked about their characters and the experience of working with Miller, Hamilton and Schwarzenegger.  

Reyes plays Daniela Ramos or Dani. Reyes says Dani is just “a girl from Mexico, City…a harder worker, I have my family, my brother Diego , my father, Taco. One day she goes to work and a “new Terminator” is trying to kill her. “They are trying to help me, so, we’ll see why.”  Boneta plays her older brother Miguel

Davis place Grace, a human-Terminator hybrid sent to protect Dani.  She has a battle scene with Hamilton. Hamilton says Davis is stronger and younger, but she’s meaner. 

Luna portrays the new Terminator, Rev-9. He is much more advanced than anything we’ve seen before.  As seen in the footage, he can separate himself into more Terminator units.  Luna spent a lot of time training with Schwarzenegger. 

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Arnold Is Back

Schwarzenegger arrives and Luna hands him a $20 dollar bill. They had a bet about how many times Miller would drop the ‘f’ bomb on the panel.  Schwarzenegger won.

Schwarzenegger says he returned because he’s addicted to Terminator. “Terminator is the movie that really launched my action movie career…Jim Cameron came to me and said I want you to do Terminator. From that moment on, everything changed in my life.”  

There was some footage from the film shown at the end of the panel. Some of it we’ve seen before. 

First was the clip of Luna’s Terminator, separating himself and attacking Grace.  Boneta’s character is driving the truck with Dani inside. They crash and the Terminator falls from the truck. He morphs back to form in the street and that’s when Sarah Connor arrives. 

The second scene is the introduction of Sarah to Grace and Dani.  They also meet Schwarzenegger’s character, Carl the Terminator.  Together, Carl and Sarah train Dani to fight with guns.  Sarah promises to kill Carl when it’s over.  There’s a sense that Dani will follow in Sarah’s footsteps, trying to save the world.

In all, the cast had a lot of praise for each other’s work.  They seemed to have fun working together.  While there was no trailer, the footage alone was enough to get the crowd excited.  Geek Girl Authority has you covered on all the Terminator: Dark Fate updates and news.

Terminator: Dark Fate premieres November 1.

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