A panel with the cast of Superstore? Now THAT is a special, Cloud 9 shoppers! America Ferrera (Amy), Ben Feldman (Jonah), Mark McKinney (Glenn), Lauren Ash (Dina), Colton Dunn (Garrett), Nico Santos (Mateo), Nichole Bloom (Cheyenne), Kaliko Kauahi (Sandra), and executive producers Justin Spitzer, Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green delighted fans at San Diego Comic-Con with insider information and their wish-you-were-up-there on-stage chemistry. 

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What we learned:

  • Amy’s promotion was a conscious catalyst to drive character development forward for the whole ensemble. 
  • Ben Feldman is cool with “Simmosa” as a ship name for Jonah and Amy. 
  • Colton Dunn was honestly terrified during the shoe burning scene. 
  • There’s hope for Garrett and Dina, despite him murdering her birds and her burning all of his shoes. 
  • America Ferrera loves directing and has accidentally called her castmates by their characters’ names more than once. 
  • Nico Santos found Mateo’s season four finale experience triggering, and season five will explore what it’s like to go through the deportation process.
  • The show is working with an immigration assistance group to make sure Mateo’s ICE story is as accurate as it can be. 
  • There’s a birthday episode in Cheyenne’s future.
  • Sandra’s new swagger continues in season five and may play a part in Mateo’s storyline. 
  • Jerry’s proposal to Sandra was improvised. (But we already knew that because Kaliko Kauahi told us in our interview with her.)
  • Each episode’s writer gets to choose the name on Amy’s name tag. 
  • The magazines in the background on the show are sometimes real, but Colton says sometimes they’re fake and hilarious. 
  • America texts the things she sees people do in superstores to Justin for use in the show.
  • Look for a lot of Marcus in season five, continuing the exploration of his homelessness. 
  • The unionization story will go further in season five. (Deportation, homelessness and labor unions? How do they keep succeeding at making this issues-forward show a comedy???)
  • Representatives from Walmart have spoken with the producers about unionizing for the sake of show research.
  • The show’s original name was “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told,” but NBC (wisely) changed it. 
  • “Cloud 10” was another possible name for the show. 

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“Amy doesn’t wear her name on her name tag because she doesn’t like strangers using her name like they know her.” – America Ferrera

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