Announced pretty late, Marvel Studios became a beacon for movie news. Practically the only movie studio to show up this year, there was a lot of mystery as to what they were going to be bringing to the table. Fans are still riding out the shock waves of Avengers: Endgame and still watching Spider-Man: Far From Home. So what did Kevin Feige have in store for fans?

First things first, they acknowledged the marvel (pun intended) at completing this massive achievement in cinema. How do they do it? By bringing out the Marvel Studios staff. The real heroes!

Then it was time for Phase 4 material. Feige introduced the time table for the upcoming phase with films going all the way into 2021. We were sweet summer children up to that point.

However things kicked off quickly with the cast of Eternals coming onto the stage. Including the recently announced Richard Madden as Ikaris, Salma Hayek as the leader of the Eternals, Don Lee as Gilgamesh, Bryan Tyree Henry as Phastos and more. These cosmic beings are ready to kick butt. As soon as we met them, though, they were ushered away. Eternals will debut in November 6, 2020.

Then we were quickly shifted into TV territory with the excitement of The Falcon and The Winter Solider coming to Disney+ in fall of 2020. Anthony Mackie came out with a shield as well as Sebastian Stan to talk about the new series. The biggest news? Daniel Brühl will be making his return as Baron Zemo – he’s even going to wear the mask!!
Here’s a description of the footage described by /Film:

It begins with the code words that active Winter Soldier, and Baron Zemo sits into frame wearing a coat, looking ragged with a beard. He says he’s hijacked the panel, says, “Gentlemen, I’ll be seeing you very soon,” and then puts on the purple mask that the classic version of the character wears and the video goes haywire.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was next on the list. We learned of the cast including Tony Leung as the real Mandarin as well as Simu Liu as our titular hero! In fact, Liu was just cast in the role DAYS before Comic Con. Talk about exciting times! We’ll be able to see the legendary fighter in February of 2021.

The new Disney+ series WandaVision was up next. Elizabeth Olsen was there and told fans that the show was “weird, deep and fun”. Apparently Paul Bettany has no idea if he’s alive in the show or not. Marvel you continue to be giant teases. The exciting news? Monica Rambeau will be in the series as an adult played by Teyonah Parris. We can’t wait to see what happens there in the Spring of 2021!

Another stop on the Disney+ train was the highly anticipated Loki series. Starring Tom Hiddleston, the series will follow our favorite trickster after the events of Avengers: Endgame. You mean we have to wait till Spring of 2021 to know what happens?! Gah!

No time to lament though because it was onto the Doctor Strange sequel. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is be the “first scary MCU film” according to director Scott Derrickson. Don’t worry, the film will still contain the humor that the first film had. Additionally, it was ol’ Benedict Cumberbatch‘s birthday so the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

Bonus fact – Scarlet Witch will be in the sequel so hold onto your butts for all sorts of mysticism. The weird starts up on May 7, 2021.

Next up is a first for the comic giant – an animated series that ties into the MCU! What If…? will feature Jeffrey Wright as the voice of The Watcher. Nearly every actor in the MCU will be returning to lend their voices for the show so this will not be one to miss!

Jeremy Renner jumped on the stage, surprising Hall H goers with a special announcement. Hawkeye will be a new series featuring Kate Bishop! No news on who’s been cast in the role but we’re 1000% here for it. Apparently the show will explore Clint’s time as Ronin. We’ll be expecting that in Fall of 2021.

Continuing at a neck break speed is the upcoming fourth Thor movie with the best title ever. Thor: Love and Thunder. I’m in love with it already. Internet Daddy Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson got on stage to introduce the film. When speaking of their characters, Thompson mentioned that as king, she needed to find her queen. Valkyrie is going to be the first openly LGBTQIA+ character in the MCU. Win! If that wasn’t enough, Waititi mentioned that he really loved the Thor comic run by Jason Aaron so they’re…wait for it…introducing a female Thor. Natalie Portman is returning to the MCU as Jane Foster, the female Thor. THE HYPE TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION, EVERYONE!!

Black Widow was next on the stage, creating a mixture of joy and sadness. Is it still too soon? Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, O-T Fagbenle, Rachel Weisz and director Cate Shortland got on stage to talk about the film. David Harbour mentioned the he had “‘complicated’ feelings about Cap” making us desperate for him to spill the tea. Alas, it was not meant to be. So instead they showed footage from the film. We’re finally going to see Budapest. Maybe! The footage showed Natasha fighting her sister(?) Yelena and also fighting Taskmaster – the big bad of the film. Brutal fights, great action and gorgeous shots are apparently what’s in store for us.

And with that, Phase 4 is ready to kick in to high gear.

There was one more surprise left for Hall H fans. In rapid succession, Feige confirmed Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, Fantastic Four, New Mutants, Guardians of the Galaxy 3. But that’s not all! Oh no! Mahershala Ali strolled out on stage and dropped another bomb shell. Blade is coming.

What in the what! Marvel always pulls out all the stops when it comes to Comic Con. They’re the dang kings of it! During the panel they released all of the logos for the upcoming projects that you can check out below. Let us know what your most anticipated Marvel project is!

Fun Quotes for Everyone

“Within a matter of days, Avengers Endgame will be the biggest film of all time” – Kevin Feige

Angelina Jolie says she’s going to work ten times harder because she really feels responsibility being in the MCU.

“We’re living our dream. When we go to work, we have a REALLY good time.” – Anthony Mackie

“I get to play Natasha as a fully realized woman. I’m excited for fans to see the flawed side of her. I’m looking to wipe out some of that red in my ledger” – Scarlett Johansson

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