Star Trek ruled San Diego Comic Con today!! The classic space franchise brought a plethora of exciting news including trailers for the new series we’re all excited to consume. The biggest news coming out of the multiple panels was the new Star Trek: Picard trailer.

One of the most highly anticipated returns in all of television history was Patrick Stewart once again embodying Jean-Luc Picard. Are we being too bold there? Probably. But this is so exciting! What’s his life going to be like? What has he been doing? Ahh! It’s all too much! Enough from me though, you want to see the trailer!

Here it is. Brace yourself. There are some surprise cameos that will make you scream. Well, they made me scream. Really loud.

Check out our panel coverage on all things Star Trek: Picard that went down in Hall H at SDCC 2019 today. A lot of talk on how special Picard is and the thought that went into putting this show together. There were also some surprise appearances at the panel. 

Star Trek: Picard will grace our television screens in 2020.

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Audrey Kearns