Last year, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power captured hearts around the globe. The re-imagined series brought diversity, love, and fun to the classic series. Now that we’ve had two seasons to enjoy, the series is ready to keep adding layers to the story. The SDCC panel was moderated by Patrick Gomez who hosted series developer Noelle Stevenson with voice actresses Aimee Carrero (She-Ra), Karen Fukuhara (Glimmer), Lauren Ash (Scorpia), and voice actor Marcus Scribner (Bow).

First off, the panel was treated to the season three trailer to set the mood high with excitement. The fun immediately kicked off with the cast sharing their favorite bits of recording. For example, Karen really likes recording effects because she gets to scream a lot. Meanwhile, Marcus Scribner was actually going through some “vocal changes” when he was cast as Bow. That means the voice cracking you hear were real cracks from the actor! So cute.

What we learned about season three was that the best friend squad will be going into the Crimson Waste, putting them in new situations but so many adventures. It’ll pick up right where season 2 left off so we won’t have to wait very long. As for our crew…just when Adora is comfortable in who she is, she’ll be thrown for a loop. Namely, Light Hope tells Adora that she’s not from Etheria. In fact, she’s from another dimension (and a First One)! Apparently Mara shut the portal Adora came through so she couldn’t go back to where she was from. Then the Horde took her and made her a soldier. So even though she believed she made a choice about leaving the Horde, her destiny was already pre-written. That would send anyone for a loop! So the squad are going to the Crimson Waste to find out more about Mara. Scorpia and Catra will also be heading there so confrontation is bound to happen!

For new cast members, we learned at the Her Universe fashion show last night that Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars: Clone Wars) would be a featured voice in the new season! Previously we learned that Geena Davis will also be joining for the third season as Huntara. Apparently Geena ended up teaching Noelle Stevenson some archery poses – so we’re super stoked for the bada**ery coming our way with her!

We also learned that we’re getting more Scorpia! Hurray! And fun facts! Kyle was Bow’s original name. Because nothing says She-Ra and the Princesses of Power like Kyle, am I right? Additionally, Lonnie and Mara are references from classic She-Ra.

The panel also shared a plethora of clips of the new season, including Adora confronting Shadow Weaver, a big revelation about who Adora is, Catra having a whip in the new season, the team meeting up with new character Huntara and more! You can read some of the clip descriptions here:

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power returns to Netflix on August 2nd, 2019!


Fun Quotes for Everyone

“I feel so embraced by this community!” – Lauren Ash

Noelle Stevenson speaking about introducing Bow’s two dads. “We discusses the best way to do that. I’m so, so happy with how that turned out… It was magic from Day One.”

“Adora sees Shadowweaver as a dysfunctional mother figure. It throws her identity into a spin.” – Aimee Carrero

“Shadow Weaver is very conniving. I do not trust her – personally. This isn’t Bow’s perspective. But he agrees with me.” – Marcus Scribner

One of the best fandom moments for Aime Carrero was an Adora/Catra cosplayer proposal. Awww!

According to Noelle, Geena Davis’ reaction to her character Huntara was “Ahh her ABS! My character is purple and ginormous!”

“Catra’s this character who cares so much all the time even though she pretends she doesn’t. She’s got nothing to lose anymore. She does not care anymore. Which is kind of terrifying.”

If the characters were in Hogwarts Houses: Adora is Gryffindor, Glimmer is Gryffindor, Bow is Hufflepuff, Scorpia is Hufflepuff, Catra is Slytherin.


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Feature image by @DreamworksSheRa