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The road to Hell is paved with Genesis, vampires and secret cult organizations. Preacher‘s particular road is coming to a close starting next month. AMC’s critical darling celebrated the beginning of the end with a panel at San Diego Comic-Con Friday night. 

Now, panelists included show runner Seth RogenDominic Cooper (Jesse Custer), Ruth Negga (Tulip O’Hare), Mark Harelik (GOD) and Julie Ann Emery (Lara Featherstone). Notably absent was fan favorite Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy). “I wish Joe was here cause he would have said many terrible things by now,” Rogen commented. But alas – I suppose we’ll have to do without our most cherished bloodsucker. 

So, did Rogen and co. know of Preacher‘s imminent demise? Yes. Thankfully, the Powers That Be were aware going in that Season 4 would be the last. The story will, hopefully, have a satisfactory conclusion. Rogen also playfully jabbed at HBO juggernaut Game of Throneseven jesting that Bran should not have been crowned king. Thank you for being a champion of the people, Rogen. This panel as a whole was overt with the Game of Thrones Season 8 shade, and I’m very much here for it. 

Pictured: Mark Harelik and Julie Ann Emery, @PreacherAMC

Next, Harelik promised us that things in Season 4 will get a little “scramble-y.” That, and “Jesse Custer’s GOD ain’t a good boy.” Emery teased that Featherstone will do a whole lot of murdering in the upcoming season. “I kill a lot of people. Sometimes just for annoying me,” she revealed. Not to mention, Negga and Emery trained for a month on an intricate fight scene for Season 4. I’m stoked – these are two incredibly bada** characters with an extensive combat portfolio. We know what they’re capable of, so I have no doubt this scene will rock our socks off. 

Now, Cooper got introspective with fans. “Amongst the madness and chaos there is a wonderful story of three lost individuals who find solace in one another,” he said. That really is Preacher in a nutshell – despite the insanity, the series is about forging familial bonds with unlikely people. Rogen continued to express his desire to push the envelope with Preacher, and the only resistance they received from AMC was when they “blew up Tom Cruise.” Oh, and remember that foreskin storyline? Rogen hinted that it will all “come full circle.” Praise be to Humperdoo! 

Pictured: Ruth Negga and Mark Harelik, @PreacherAMC

Of course, fans love the outright craziness of Preacher – it’s what makes the series stand out from the rest. “As long as One Million Moms is protesting the show, we are doing the right thing,” Rogen joked. The panel didn’t show a trailer for Season 4, despite the season premiering on August 4th. Perhaps AMC is trying to keep the final installment under wraps? How very Marvel of them. Guess we’ll have to wait until next month to hop on the train to Hell. 

Preacher will air its final season Sunday August 4th on your AMC affiliate. 

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