This past Saturday the cast of Critical Role took to the stage at San Diego Comic Con to answer fans questions and discuss the show. Critical Role is a live action dungeons and dragons role playing game that started on Geek and Sundry before moving to their own network just last year. The show airs live Thursday nights at 7pm PST on the group’s Twitch page. Their sister show that airs on Tuesday nights starting at 7pm PST Talks Machina is hosted by Brian W. Foster as he puts the players into the hot seat as they answer questions submitted by fans.

Brian W. Foster kicked off the panel with his short list of rules regarding what types of questions to ask and of course to always remember to love each other. It was exciting to see all nine cast members able to join this panel since Ashley Johnson is normally busy with other obligations. She was joined by Travis WillinghamMarisha RayTaliesin JaffeSam RiegalLiam O’BrienLaura Bailey and Matt Mercer. The very first thing they dropped on us was a read through of the first few pages of their comic book Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Series II written by Jody Houser. During the convention the Dark Horse booth had a convention exclusive cover with art by Babs Tarr. 

We saw questions revolving around seasons one and two as well as more personal questions regarding their love for dungeons and dragons. The cast not only have a great dynamic with each other but also with their fans. Their love for the game, the show, and everything that has built up around them shines through their answers and reactions throughout the panel. The top question of the night was directed to Taliesin Jaffe regarding how many character deaths would finally make him stop playing. Of course it sparked a response from everyone on stage. Now I am hoping we are going to see this Gilbert Gottfried character he has rolling around in his head.

What has me a bit worried is how Sam Reigal keeps discussing the possibility of Nott the Brave leaving the Mighty Nein to stay with her family. This wouldn’t be a far stretch as she has finally gotten her husband and son back over the last few weeks. Not to mention Scanlan during campaign one of Critical Role he disappeared for a bit before coming back. However Sam quelled our fears, for now, by saying that he feels comfortable moving on with the group for the time being. If he pulls another disappearing act I think the entire cast is going to pounce on him and tie him to his chair.

Of course the big uh-oh of the Talks Machina panel was in regards to Ashley Johnson’s character Yasha. In previous episodes Yasha went to the dark side and disappeared leaving the party one barbarian short. Of course this coincided with Ashley returning to work and not being able to be on the show every week. Brian W. Foster how she was feeling with Matt Mercer taking over her character and essentially becoming an NPC. The big bomb? If Yasha hasn’t been saved when Ashley comes back, she might just have to create a new character for the time being! Guys find and save Yasha!

I can say without surprise that the Critical Role panel was exciting and entertaining to watch. We always get insight on how the players feel and how that is shown through their characters and decisions being made. We are 71 episodes in and honestly their is so many more questions still popping up each week! We will just have to keep them tucked into our back pocket for the next Talks Machina.

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Critical Role cast live SDCC

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