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Toight! Brooklyn Nine-Nine blessed us Nine-Niners with a so-fine panel Saturday evening at San Diego Comic-Con. Laughs aplenty were had. Secrets were revealed. Cardboard cutouts were on hand. A social media campaign took flight regarding Bruce Willis and the show’s desire to have him guest star. Can you imagine Jake meeting Willis, the actor who helped bring John McClane to life? I can, and it’s breathtaking. 

Now, our panelists included show runner Dan GoorAndy Samberg (Jake), Melissa Fumero (Amy), Terry Crews (Terry), Joe Lo Truglio (Boyle), Dirk Blocker (Hitchcock) and Joel McKinnon Miller (Scully). Missing in action was Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa) and Andre Braugher (Holt). Not to worry, Nine-Niners, our panelists made sure to include them in cardboard form. 

Pictured (L to R): Dan Goor, Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero and Terry Crews; @nbcbrooklyn99. Oh, and cardboard cutouts of Andre Braugher and Stephanie Beatriz.

Next, Lo Truglio revealed his favorite thing about the Jake and Boyle friendship. Does it involve that one disastrous stakeout adventure? Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t shy away from showing men being unabashedly affectionate with each other. In fact, the show does its fair share of smashing stigmas and taking down tropes, including the aforementioned. Let men love on each other, y’all! “He Said, She Said;” an episode from this past season, really opened up a dialogue regarding sexual harassment, which Fumero mentioned made her proud. We’re proud too, Santiago. 

Now, I’m about to reveal some critical Season 7 information. You may want to sit down if you’re not already sitting. The Jimmy Jab Games are returning in 2020! This is not a drill! Jimmy Jab 2020 is on! What sorts of ridiculous challenges do you want to see in the upcoming games? I’m starting my list now…

Okay, this isn’t necessarily information crucial to Season 7, but we learned something new about Crews today. Apparently, his favorite yogurt flavor is strawberry – fruit on the bottom, to be exact. Nine-Niners, I understand if the aforementioned has completely shattered your world view. I may need the vapors to regain consciousness. 

Next, the panelists revealed their dream guest stars. Of course, we already know that Samberg is gunning for Willis. Blocker mentioned Jack Nicholson, while Mckinnon Miller chimed in with Sting. Lo Truglio brought up Mark Hamill, and since he was one of the Guardians of the Nine-Nine it’s only apropos for him to make an appearance. Fumero also mentioned Amy Poehler, which I can get behind. 

Now, Goor dropped a bomb (devoid of spoilers, of course) that may induce panic. He revealed that the Season 7 finale’s cliffhanger will change the squad’s dynamic for a significant period of time. Uh oh. I’m scared. How ever will we cope until 2020?

Below, there’s a lovely video message from Beatriz since she was absent from the panel. Check it out and get your Rosa fill! 


Alright, if you’ll excuse me, I have some binge watching to do. That’s the only way I’ll survive the long wait for Season 7. Title of my sex tape? 

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