Batwoman made her debut Wednesday night at San Diego Comic Con Preview Night. Most reviews are saying the show follows the same formula as other Arrowverse shows, which isn’t much to go on. What we do know is that the show rewinds the timeline a bit to introduce the people in Kate Kane’s life.

Unfortunately Ruby Rose is not at SDCC due to filming commitments for the show. Rose posted an Instagram message saying how devastated she was not being in San Diego. The CW did release a new teaser and poster for the show, see below.

Everything begins with the series premiere episode.  

The panel consists of writers Caroline Dries and Sarah SchechterThey talked about Greg Berlanti bringing Dries on board for Batwoman. Schechter says she knows how to write for television and the first episode is always the hardest.

The writers were big fans of the comic and understand that changes have to be made for television. Schechter credits Dries for understanding the Arrowverse formula, but she’s also willing to experiment with Batwoman.

Both Schechter and Dries agree that no one but Rose could play Batwoman. She gets to explore her talents. Rose is learning to do her own stunts. “She’s a bada**”

A huge announcement came during the panel: Burt Ward will make a cameo in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event Dries says “We’ve got a ton, a ton, a ton of characters coming into the five-part event…You will lose your minds.” (You can see our coverage here)

As for the show, Kate’s journey over the course of the season will focus on redeeming the humanity of big bad Alice (Rachel Skarsten). Alice is the primary villain of the season. She’s basically Batwoman’s Joker. Alice won’t be the only villain this season. Batman’s enemies will target Batwoman after she appears in Gotham. The show will introduce Tommy Elliot who becomes the super villain Hush among others from the Rogue’s Gallery. There will not be a repeat of villains from the Arrowverse though! They are bringing a new chapter of heroes and villains. 

Representation is important to the show and the producers say diversity is their strength. “We love having lesbian woman front and center in the series.”  

Kate’s love interest is Sophie played by Megan Tandy. There are currently no plans to bring Renee Montoya or Maggie Sawyer into the show though.

Will Batman appear in the series? The ladies say anything is possible. DC is very strict about sharing him though. They are focusing on the audience getting to know Kate and her story without being overshadowed by Bruce Wayne and Batman. 

That’s all from the Batwoman SDCC panel! Stick with Geek Girl Authority on the latest Batwoman news. Don’t forget to check out the new poster below!

Batwoman premieres on The CW on Sunday, October 6.

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New Batwoman Poster released for SDCC. Image from @CWBatwoman



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