Welcome, kids! Today’s article is brought to you by the letter M! M as in…*insert dun dun dun music here* murder! That’s right, buckaroos. The Banana Splits are back with a bloody vengeance. If you’re not a child of the 70’s let me give you the 411. Imagine if Chuck E Cheese somehow managed to be way creepier than he already is.

The Banana Splits Adventure Hour was an American TV show that featured The Banana Splits, a fictional rock band composed of four furry characters. Every episode was a gathering of the exclusive Banana Splits Club, hosted by band members Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky. The show only had a two year run and now, against all odds, it’s back. And bloodier than ever.

On the surface it looks a bit silly to transform a kids show into a horror movie, right? Well, according to the team behind the movie, you may want to put the kids to bed before viewing this one. This is NOT a kids movie! At the film’s SDCC panel, co-writer Scott Thomas discussed what it takes to put a sinister twist on a children’s show, using Barney as an example. “If you took scary music and put it over an episode of Barney, it’s pretty terrifying,” he stated,  “When everything goes wrong, it becomes this sinister, dark thing.”

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Thomas went on to reiterate that this isn’t meant to be funny, not even a dark comedy. Later on Peter Girardi, Blue Ribbon Content’s Vice President, explained how much of a fan he was of the franchise and how many times he attempted to reboot the show in the past. Then came along the bright idea to turn these characters into a horror flick. “The more we looked at it, the more I started to think, ‘They’re creepy!’” Girardi said. Which is a fair statement if you ask me.

The film takes place in a world where The Banana Splits Adventure Hour was never canceled. In a modern setting, the show is still beloved by children, including a young boy who has received tickets to a live taping of the show. But when The Banana Splits’ producer learns that the show is being canceled, the band goes berserk and sets off on a gruesome killing spree. 

The panel finished off with the unthinkable happening. The Banana Splits themselves made a special appearance to close it out. Luckily no blood was shed this time around. You can check out the clip below!

I don’t know about you but I’m actually looking forward to this. It looks horrific in the best possible way. You can check out the trailer below!

A maniac dressed in a dog costume wreaks bloody havoc during the taping of a popular children’s television show.

The Banana Splits Movie arrives on digital August 13th and on DVD and Blu-ray August 27th!

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Fallon Marie Gannon