Arrow stars and producers of the CW Arrowverse flagship show came to San Diego Comic Con one last time to discuss the final season and praise star Stephen Amell for his fine performance as Oliver Queen. 

Arrow IS heading into it’s eighth and final season under a dark cloud. It all stems from the latest Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds. Oliver Queen made a deal with The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) to save the life of his friends. The Monitor called upon the Green Arrow to help stop a major crisis that’s coming and could affect multiple Earths.  

The panel: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Juliana Harkavy, Rick Gonzalez, Katie Cassidy, Marc Guggenheim, James Bamford.

Before the panel, we learned that Cassidy will make her directorial debut in the final season. Gonzalez’s character Rene will start his political career. Harkavy’s Dinah Drake will continue her police career, trying to create a world without the Green Arrow. Ramsey and Cassidy were very vague about their characters storylines. Ramsey teased his role saying, where Oliver goes, Diggle goes. 

The video presentation was a montage of seven seasons, focusing on the major events of Oliver’s life. The Monitor was the voice over of the video, preparing Oliver for what’s to come. Footage from Season 8 is in the final seconds that includes Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) and Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra). Laurel Lance (Cassidy) is getting a new suit. And Oliver is off to take care of ‘one more thing.’  Watch the video below.

Guggenheim explained they wanted to end the show while people still enjoy it. “We all kind of want to leave the party while it’s still going.”

As soon as Amell auditioned, they knew the show would be good. The show creators could not have anticipated how the world would evolve and had no reservations about Amell. The actor joked that he was shirtless the whole time. 

Cassidy said when she read for Laurel Lance, she wanted the part badly. Amell said he found out about her casting when she started following him on Twitter. 

Ramsey said he didn’t know how central Diggle would become to the story, saying no one could have imagined what Arrow would become over the years.

CASTING ANNOUNCEMENT – Charlie Barnett will be the adult version Diggle’s son John Jr. Guggenheim says people will be surprised by how they bring J. J. in. J. J. wears a specific costume that is not what anyone’s expecting. Hmmm…

Everyone started praising Amell and they all started to tear up a bit. (We knew this would be an emotional panel.) But then Ramsey tells a story about meeting Stephen shirtless. All he could see was abs and earlobes because Amell has muscles on his earlobes. Then said there wouldn’t be a comic book universe on TV, after Smallville, without Amell.

Amell, full on crying now, said this panel sucks. 

Guggenheim talked about Legends of Tomorrow‘s Brandon Routh and Supergirl‘s Tyler Hoechlin appearing as two Supermans in the upcoming crossover. They are very excited and said it’s going to be really awesome. Routh joined the panel wearing a modified Superman t-shirt. He will wear a new Superman suit in the crossover because Warner Bros won’t let them use the suit from Superman Returns

Amell claims that Arrow will have a happy ending. His favorite episode was the pilot. And he’s really missing Emily Bett Rickards at Comic Con. 

That’s all from the Arrow SDCC panel as the cast take a final bow to a standing ovation.

Stick with Geek Girl Authority on the latest Arrowverse news. The final season of Arrow premieres on Tuesday October 15 on The CW. 

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