After The Walking Dead SDCC panel, AMC released the first teaser for the Untitled The Walking Dead movie.  The network is partnering with Universal to release the movie in theaters. 

We’ve been watching this development since 2018 when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) exited the series in a helicopter with Jadis/Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh).  There has been no sign of either character since. However, recently, a helicopter with a matching symbol was spotted in Texas on Fear the Walking Dead. Althea (Maggie Grace) encountered the woman flying the chopper. All we found out is they are working to restore the world, but are being super secret about it to avoid contamination and destruction of the project.  Whatever that means.  

Chief content officer of The Walking Dead universe, Scott Gimple did say on Talking Dead in February that more announcements were on the way through December.  Maybe that includes a release date for the films to which Gimple hinted to that the film could be released in 2020.

The teaser features the all to familiar mystery helicopter with the three ring symbol on the side. The chopper flies into a city silhouette background as the words “The Walking Dead” come into the light to the familiar opening tune.  The teaser then reveals that Rick Grimes Returns ONLY in theaters. This venture comes from AMC, Skybound and Universal.  Check out the short teaser below. 

It’s hard to say who is staring in this film other than Lincoln.  Gimple is one of the writers and producers.  Stick with Geek Girl Authority for the latest updates on these films. 

The Walking Dead is going into it’s tenth season on AMC and it’s the first without Rick Grimes. Season ten premieres on October 6. Fear the Walking Dead is currently airing on Sunday nights on AMC. 


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