Vikings invaded Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. The panel included cast members, Clive Standen (Rollo) who was sporting a hilarious “Best. Uncle. Ever.” t-shirt, Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn), Georgia Hirst (Torvi) and Alex Hogh Anderson (Ivar), as well as creator/writer Michael Hirst. The focus, as you might expect, was war.

Fans in Ballroom 20 were given paddles and immediately asked to “Choose Your Side” with a little teaser intro video. Are you team Lagertha or team Ivar?  We, at GGA are firmly on team Lagertha, as was most of the crowd at SDCC. But, Ivar seems to agree. 

Here’s Winnick commenting on where Lagertha stands as we go into the second half of season 5. She has a new look and her fate, as always, is wrought with uncertainty. 


Alex Hogh Anderson gave the crowd a little bit of insight into where Ivar is for season 5B. 

And what about Floki?  Well, this is all you’re getting from Michael Hirst…

The trailer for the second half of season 5 is… I mean… wow. It’s DARK. And, it looks epic. Ragnar’s entire extended family is being brought together, and apart and together. There is blood and betrayal and war and death and that’s JUST THE TRAILER. Season 5B will focus on the aftermath of the Lothbrok civil war. That’s clear. And, it looks like we have a time jump to a future where new alliances are forged, and Kattegat is in play…again. Lagertha is in trouble. And, Rollo is back!!! We. Can’t. Wait.  

Vikings season 5B will return to History on November 28th. 


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