The Predator took the spotlight in Hall H today at San Diego Comic Con. The panel featured stars of the movie, Sterling K. Brown, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Jake Busey, Thomas Jane, and Trevonte Rhodes.  Director and Predator cast alumnus, Shane Black, was also there to talk about the new film.

Extended scenes from the movie were the focus of the panel. One scene was a fight between the Predator we know and the predator we meet in this film; the ‘roided up’ Predator as Black calls him.  It doesn’t go well for the original Predator. He ends up without a head, which we might have expected from a previous poster. 

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The second clip showed off Black’s sense of humor. 

And, the new poster is pretty awesome. It is a Predator, made of mostly human bones. This poster, and the focus of the movie both beg the question… what can humans do when Predators are after each other? It doesn’t look like much. But, there wouldn’t be a movie if the answer was ‘nothing’.  

According to Black, this Predator is not a reboot. It takes place after all of the previous Predator and Alien films, but doesn’t reference any of them. It is of the same world, but it stands alone. Producer John Davis announced that this Predator movie will set up two sequels. Bring it on.  

The Predator crashes into theaters September 14th. 



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