Calling all Fillorians! The Magicians cast a spell on SDCC Saturday evening with one magical panel. Felicia Day was our Moderator Extraordinaire for the festivities. Co-creators Sera Gamble and John McNamara were also in attendance, along with cast members Jason RalphStella MaeveOlivia Taylor DudleyHale Appleman and Summer Bishil. As you may know, Season 4 is currently in production, but our crew kept mum on most topics regarding said season. Magic is mystery, folks. 

Now, to kick things off, the audience was shown a video recapping Season 3. Remember when Quentin and Eliot lived another life together in an alternate timeline? How about when our favorite magicians belted out “Under Pressure” during their quest to track down the seven keys? Or when our protagonists had their memories wiped clean during the season finale? The audience at The Magicians panel relived it all. 

Next, Ralph chimed in on his personal highlight from Season 3. “The ‘Life in a Day’ episode. That was a real gift. We knew it was going to be really special from the first read. In a story that’s so fast, it was very nice to have the opportunity to slow things down a bit,” he said. Queliot forever, you guys. For me, it was definitely one of the best episodes yet. Beautifully written and wonderfully acted by Ralph and Appleman. 

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Then, Gamble talked about the enigma that is Dean Fogg, and how he’ll proceed regarding Season 4. “At what point are you regulating things that needed to be regulated, and at what point are you being a fascist? That’s something Dean Fogg will have to ask in Season 3,” she explained. Well, judging by the way things ended in Season 3, Fogg may be heading down the fascist route given his iron grip control over what little magic exists. 

Now, Appleman took a moment to gush over our High King Bishil. “There’s no predicting how Summer will be funny at any given moment, but you can always count on her for laughs. She’s undeniably funny,” he said. Margo and Eliot are the best duo to ever exist, and nobody can sway me on this. Meanwhile, Day also showered praise on Ralph. “You guys flow so seamlessly into your characters. Working with Jason made me a better actor,” she said. Day not only moderated The Magicians panel, but apparently she’s campaigning for a triumphant return to the series. I can get behind that!

Next, Appleman was asked how he was able to bring a queer character to life. “There wasn’t really a character like Eliot when I was growing up. There was no queer king. There should be more queer characters on TV until sexuality isn’t even a conversation anymore. There should be more queer characters, period,” he stated. I couldn’t agree more. All hail Hale Appleman. 

Of course, considering how successful the musical episodes have been the past two seasons, the panelists were asked about dream artists they’d love to cover. Britney SpearsPrinceMadonna and Taylor Swift were the winners. Now, I’d love to see the cast explore more David Bowie songs in future musical episodes. You can never go wrong with Bowie. 

Lastly, the audience was blessed with an exclusive behind-the-scenes video for Season 4! Said video was shot as a mockumentary, where the cast seems to have collectively lost their memories a la their counterparts on The Magicians. Each performer introduced themselves as their new civilian characters, and questioned what all this “magician” business was about. Appleman seemed to have completely forgotten who he was, and simply roamed about asking people to play with him. Only Dudley seemed to remember who she was and that they were filming The Magicians. Unfortunately, like Alice, she was locked in her trailer. The video is chuckle-inducing and most certainly adorable. 

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Alright, Fillorians, check out the BTS video below for some laughs. Then proceed to binge watch all episodes of The Magicians until next year. That’s an order!

The Magicians Season 4 will bring magic back to our world in 2019 on your SyFy affiliate.