Surprise! 5 years after it was cancelled, The Clone Wars is coming back. Announced today at the 10 Year Anniversary panel at SDCC, the fan favorite series is making a comeback. The war was left unfinished…until now. This is such a pleasant surprise!

During the panel, a trailer played to curious fans. It was Captain Rex talking to his recruits. The voiceover calls over an array for Clone Trooper helmets lined up. The more the shot pulls out, the more helmets we see as war rages in the background. A rogue shot lands and destroys all the helmets. We’re then brought to a facility as Anakin looks on the massive star destroyers. And finally, we have Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi walking into a control room. Anakin asks Captain Rex what’s so important that he had to come all the way there for. He looks at the hologram and sees his old apprentice, Ahsoka. It’s been a while.

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This is really exciting! Fans were, needless to say, going NUTS! Dave Filoni is a sneaky, sneaky genius. 12 all new episodes will be coming to the Disney streaming service set to debut sometime in 2019. Sadly we don’t have any idea just when, but at least we know they will be coming. Just what will the war hold for these characters? We know their results but we’ll finally be able to finish the journey that started over 10 years ago. 

Check out the trailer and poster below and let us know what you think! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for everything SDCC and Star Wars related! #CloneWarsSaved, baby!



You can now see the full panel thanks to Steele Wars!



Erin Lynch