I’m back in L.A. and have yet another San Diego Comic Con under my belt! The ‘con hangover’ is real this year but I can see the light. As always, this year’s SDCC was super fun, super nerdy and my ears were exploding with nerdy joy over conversations I overheard. 

Discussions that, perhaps, those who aren’t a part of geek culture would not get. One of my favorite parts of any con is collecting quotes on social media from the convention that would make any nerd chuckle. So engage your Giggle Drive and without any further adieu, here is 2018’s Best of Overheard at  Comic-Con quotes, San Diego edition! Thanks Social Media!

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WAIT! First you have to take in my favorite picture from SDCC this year. This person dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man jumping into an Infinity War Gauntlet action figure photo op was one of my greatest joys to observe this year. This ‘Thanos-Puft Marshmallow Man’ is living their best life!

Okay, now on to Overheard at Comic-Con:














































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