Supergirl had a pretty rough time fighting off Reign last season. In season four, she will be facing an even bigger foe…the public.  

The Supergirl cast were on hand at San Diego Comic Con to present the first season four trailer. The world has become a dangerous place for those without super powers. They’ve relied on heroes to save them, but some people have gotten hurt..and killed in the process. Aliens have cause some chaos in National City. And someone wants them all to go away.

We shouldn’t be surprised that a group of regular humans would finally emerge to speak out against the superheroes.  But this kind of thinking can be dangerous for everyone. The trailer features a lot of footage from past seasons as proof that heroes haven’t always kept National City safe. Narrated by a man who opposes Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and her kind says they don’t need their heroes. He calls for humans to stand up and be heard. Because divided, we fall.  

Watch the first trailer from Supergirl season four below!

Supergirl returns to the CW on Sunday October 14.


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