Hulu’s Castle Rock is just a week away from it’s premiere.  Fans were treated to a screening of the first episode at San Diego Comic Con.  After the episode, fans got a chance to hear more about the characters in the show. 

Based on the works of Stephen King, Castle Rock will explore the strange things that happen when attorney Henry Deaver (Andre Holland) returns to Castle Rock to represent a mysterious prisoner at the Shawshank State Penitentiary.

The Panel: Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgård, Melanie Lynskey, Jane Levy, Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason 

The screening was up first.  Fan reaction was positive. A lot of fans posted on twitter about how creepy the show is, especially Skarsgård’s character, The Kid.  

After the screening, the cast joined show creators on stage to talk about their experience with the show.  Skarsgård, Spacek,and Lynskey are King alumns having appeared in other works by the horror master.  

Spacek plays Ruth Deavers, Henry’s adoptive mother.  She says she loves playing Ruth.  Thomason says Spacek really crafted the character so they were able to understand who she was and what her relations was like to Castle Rock.

Lynskey plays Molly, who she describes as someone stuck in a routine and making the best of things. But also hoping things will get better.   Levy plays Jackie, who she says is the town snoop with an interest in the macabre. Levy said the show has some great roles for women.  

Thomason says he went back to some of the books and started to see the stories in differently.  He says a lot of the books appear to be one genre, but end up something different. That’s what he wanted to convey in the show. 

Shaw says he wondered why King kept going back to Castle Rock. He says the interesting part of the writing process is “trying to figure out what makes a Stephen King story a Stephen King story.  

Each member of the panel was asked who they wanted to be in the King universe. Levy wants to be Danny Torrance from The Shining and Spacek just wants to be a part of the next King project. 

Castle Rock will premiere the first three episodes on Wednesday, July 25 on Hulu. 


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