Shazam! stormed the stage right after the short presentation from Wonder Woman 1984. The film’s first appearance at SDCC did not disappoint as we had a lot of fun, a bit of swearing and a fantastic trailer that was Big the superhero movie.

Moderator Aisha Tyler introduced star and super nerd Zachary Levi to the stage. He danced his way on stage, holding a Guinness that he said Jason Momoa gave him. “What’s going on nerds?” was the way he introduced himself. “This is f**king crazy!” – he was having a really good time. Later, Asher AngelJack Dylan Grazer and director David F. Sandberg joined him on stage. 

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Levi spoke of how Shazam! is different. And it’s not just because it’s a kid in a superhero’s body. “There are very few characters that are just super stoked to have powers and to have that kind of responsibility. Billy Batson, Peter Parker, they are jazzed that they can fly. And I got to be a genuine part of myself.”

A couple highlights include

  • Sandberg auditioned over 100 people for the Shazam! role. “He feels like a big kid. He’s very enthusiastic.”
  • The cast were asked which superpower they would have. Levi: Teleportation. Angel: Flight. Sandberg and Grazer: Control over time.
  • A shirtless fan came up to ask a question and called himself Superman. Luckily, Levi took it in stride.
  • Levi said “Now more than ever we need heroes like that, that care about other people”. Too true!

I don’t think I gave much thought to Shazam! until now and I really should have. The trailer is just so joyous and fun and I’m looking forward to seeing more from it.

Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more DC and SDCC 2018 news! Shazam! zaps into theaters April 5, 2019.

[Feature image by Jeremy Conrad]