New Line Cinema flooded the streets of San Diego Comic-Con last year with yellow raincoats and red balloons. They gave us extended clips from It, gave a sneak preview of Annabelle: Creation and an early teaser for The Nun. Well, they’re back this year. And, their horror-iffic presence on the Wednesday of SDCC, lovingly referred to as #ScareDiego, will be offering fans new reasons to scream.

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There’s no official word on stunts or happenings… but then they wouldn’t really be happenings, would they? But, New Line has promised to bring extended scenes from The Nun (the newest addition to The Conjuring universe), early details about It: Chapter Two, and some “other surprise film announcements”, according to Deadline

It: Chapter Two started filming Tuesday, and production tweeted the first picture of the adult loser’s club on Monday. The pic is the cast at a table read for the sequel. They’re all smiles. Not for long.  

Here’s a teaser for The Nun that came out this June.

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New Line has also promised “filmmaker and talent appearances”.  So, if you’re in San Diego on Wednesday, July 18th for preview or just to prep yourself for the onslaught of geek, get yourself to the Horton Grand Theater in the Gaslamp district. The horror starts at 9:30pm!  


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