Robert Kirkman pretty much confirmed what we all knew. Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead television series. So what does this mean for Rick Grimes the comic book character? Kirkman spoke to Kevin Smith, host of the SDCC IMDB Hang Out pad about his plans for the leading man.

So AMC and Lincoln have not confirmed the departure, but if anyone has the inside scoop, it’s Kirkman.  Smith immediately addressed the rumor, saying, “One of the O.G.’s. Andrew Lincoln has said that this will be his last season.” Kirkman responded that it looks that way. So how does that make Kirkman feel?  

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Yeah well it does make the differences between the comic and the show a little bit more… pronounced. But at the end of the day it’s all about Andrew Lincoln: I mean this is a human being, this is someone I’ve known for almost a decade, this is somebody that I love. He’s been sweatin’ in Georgia away from his family for so long.

Kirkman went on to say that Lincoln cares about the show and the fans deeply.  So they are planning something special for Rick on his way out.  Of course, Kirkman can’t spill the beans, but said anyone who loves Rick Grimes and The Walking Dead will want to see what they do.  

Rick Grimes story will continue in the comic books. Kirkman says he started The Walking Dead comic because he wanted to do a zombie movie that never ends in comic book form. “It’s a tremendous gift from the fans, from the world at large to continue telling that story [TWD].” 

Kirkman will speak about The Walking Dead comic book series and others later today at San Diego Comic Con.  The Walking Dead panel is scheduled for Friday and GGA will be cover the release of the season nine trailer.  You can watch the full interview below:

The Walking Dead returns in October 2018 on AMC. 


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