Marvel has always been a huge presence at SDCC, and this year was no exception. The Marvel Animation panel gave us an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest on Sunday. Cort Lane (SVP, Animation and Family Entertainment) acted as our Moderator Extraordinaire. Panelists included Eric Radomski (SVP, production and creative director, Marvel Animation), Harrison Wilcox (senior director, development and production), James Mathis lll (T’Challa) and Daisy Lightfoot (Shuri). 

Now, Lane kicked off the festivities by airing a clip from Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest. The freshman series is set to air September 23rd on Disney XD. Lane brought actors Mathis lll and Lightfoot as the panel delved into the mechanics behind T’Challa’s latest mission. Said clip showed Black Panther facing off against Tiger Shark, with fellow Avengers Captain America and Black Widow appearing to offer assistance.

I absolutely adored Black Panther, so the prospect of T’Challa getting his own time in the sun is very appealing to me. Lightfoot commented on the dynamic between T’Challa and Shuri. “He is extremely frustrating some times. He is the King, but she brings him down to size…you see the value she has to him as a man and as a king,” she explained. Shuri is a bad***, and I have no doubt she’ll steal the show. 

Next, Lane brought two surprise guests to the stage – Kathreen Khavari (Ms. Marvel) and Robbie Daymond (Spider-Man). Khavari revealed why voicing Ms. Marvel means so much to her. “Kamala [Kahn] means the world to me because she’s helping shape the minds of those kids who have not yet been corrupted by hate yet and see a Muslim character and go, ‘Oh cool!'” This is why diversity in entertainment is extremely important. 

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Pictured: a teenage web-slinger slinging some webs.

Then, the Marvel Animation panel delved into another series – Marvel’s Spider-Man. This season will bring villains such as Mysterio, Silvermane, Hippo, Panda and Overdrive to the forefront. We’ll also see appearances from Miles Morales, Spider-Girl and Spider-Gwen when “Spider-Man is a little out of play.” 

Now, Marvel Animation dropped another exciting piece of news into our laps. More Funko animated shorts are on the horizon! The new season will boast Gwen Stacy’s Ghost-Spider, Anya “Spider-Girl” Corazon and Falcon. Just give me all the Marvel things, please and thank you. 

Of course, the panel injected a bit of fun into our Sunday afternoon with a Mad Libs script read. Mathis lll read for T’Challa, Lightfoot as Shuri, Khavari as Ms. Marvel and Daymond as Spider-Man. Nothing like playing a game of Mad Libs with a superhero twist. 

So, folks, this is why Marvel is King. To me, SDCC is synonymous with Marvel. They constantly churn out Grade A entertainment in all its forms, sating the fans’ hunger for quality escapism. 

Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest will air September 23rd on your Disney XD affiliate. Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently in its second season, airing Mondays at 6:30PM on your Disney XD affiliate. 

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