Her Universe, a pioneer in fangirl fashion, has been putting on a fashion show at SDCC for the past few years. While the highlights have always been the designs, this year there was something a little different. A model took to the run way and immediately caused excited squeaks and whispers of hope. When she took down her hood, the audience roared in surprise and approval. Jodie Whittaker, our new Doctor, had come to visit. Or “crash” the fashion show.

Modelling her Doctor’s new jacket (and holding her new sonic screwdriver), Whittaker took in the applause before returning to Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein. Whittaker admitted that she was supposed to just come out and say hi but she begged to strut her stuff on the catwalk. She’s too funny. Thursday was a day of firsts for Jodie. She attended her first Comic-Con. She was on her first Hall H panel. And she walked the catwalk for the first time, which she mentioned to be a highlight.

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Eckstein praised her sense of style as the new Doctor and asked what inspired it. “Comfort”. Amen, sister! She also said she wanted to represent the colors of the sky, which is a beautiful way of putting it. The dark blue on the inside of the jacket represented space and the light blue on the outside represented “the dawn of a new day…which is me as the Thireenth one”. Then she admitted that the showrunner (Chris Chibnall) was there and she’d probably get in trouble for saying all of it. But she let everyone know that anyone “of any age, any gender, any one can wear it. You’re not dressing as a girl, you’re not dressing as a boy. You’re dressing as The Doctor”. I love this woman! I love that even in the jacket she’s representing inclusivity. I’m completely sold (as if I wasn’t already). She’s brilliant.

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You can watch the whole thing down below and tell us what you think! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more fun from SDCC 2018.

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