The Good Place panel at SDCC, moderated by Marc Evan Jackson (Shawn, from the Bad Place), brought Team Cockroach together onstage in front of a packed room. “Emmy nominee” Ted Danson (Michael), Kristen Bell (Eleanor), William Jackson Harper (Chidi), D’Arcy Carden (Janet), Manny Jacinto (Jason) and Jameela Jamil (Tahani) were all there, and shirt it was good to see them! They were joined by EPs Michael SchurMorgan Sackett and Drew Goddard.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Jacinto and Jamil were each other’s seventh kiss ever, which is sweet as fork
  • Janet can get drunk by thinking about getting drunk
  • Harper was not given advance warning about the fake blood spray in “The Trolley Problem,” and some of the bloody foam went down his esophagus 
  • Bell says, “Eleanor is like the ticker tape in my head of the nasty, sassy things I’m thinking.”
  • Carden hits the mark every time IRL with interjecting “not a robot”
  • The shrimp Bell eats on the show are vegetarian, and they’re gross
  • Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson’s hatred of sharing his birthday was inspired by Sackett
  • Veronica Mars *would* get into the Good Place
  • Jacinto is least like his character IRL, as he is a functioning human being
  • Look for Mike O’Malley in the season premiere!

Fans at the panel got to see the first two minutes of season three, and you can see it, too, when the show comes back to NBC September 27. Also, Team Cockroach has been sharing their SDCC experience on Instagram via stories on @nbcthegoodplace, so check that out for more!


Shawn is jubilant about #TheGoodPlace at #SDCC, can’t you tell?

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Big applause to NBC for having the good sense to air this show and save Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Now if they could just get their heads on straight about Timeless… (Which has been generating so much buzz at SDCC that hopes of some kind of salvation are aflame, but that’s another story!)


Leona Laurie