The first trailer for The Walking Dead Season 9 is finally here! Season nine brings new timeline, new characters, and new threats. Get a glimpse of the changes that have happened and some thing that have stayed the same. Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedusand Jeffrey Dean Morgan are at San Diego Comic Con to present the trailer to Hall H.

So the first question is, how much of a time jump is this? Well by the looks of Maggie’s baby, maybe a year after the All Out War ended. Judith is older, but not by much. Despite Rick’s best efforts to rebuild the Sanctuary, tensions have not settled. Daryl is fighting Saviors. Carol wants to kill them but knows that won’t do anyone any good. The other communities are getting along…just not with the Saviors. And to make matters worse, Maggie and Daryl are ready to break away from Rick’s lead. Negan knows what’s coming, but I doubt he’s expecting the Whisperers.  

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It’s always awesome to see the comic book come to life. I’m expecting some crazy things to happen this season. I’m happy to see Magna’s group in the trailer. Watch that group in the coming season! Check out the season nine trailer below.

The Walking Dead season nine will premiere on Sunday, October 7, on AMC.


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