The Doctor Who panel at SDCC did not disappoint. Moderator Terri Schwartz welcomed the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, as well as showrunner Chris Chibnall, new companions Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill and executive producer Matt Strevens

BBC America created this cute video of the new Doctor making her way to Comic-Con:

And then she emerged in the outfit from the video:

Whitaker and Chibnall reflected on her audition process and how immediately he recognized her as the next Doctor. She claimed that she’s deleted her audition video of herself defusing a bomb out of embarrassment and fear that it would get out. 

What we learned:

  • New companion Bradley Walsh is big on fart jokes offscreen
  • Everyone on the crew said “she’s the Doctor” as soon as they saw the regeneration on the monitors
  • The season’s episodes will be stand-alones
  • There WILL be a Christmas Special
  • Still no official release date
  • David Tennant was stoked on Jodie’s casting, and she’s asked him for advice (An epic Broadchurch reunion moment!)
  • Chibnall is still playing it close to the vest with his monsters
  • The new Doctor will be hopeful, joyful and fidgety
  • Whittaker is scared of fire to the extent that it freaked her out when other people had to do scenes with it
  • Whittaker sees the Doctor as neither male nor female, in strict terms, because s/he is an ALIEN, which allows a lot of freedom.

We got a look at the new sonic screwdriver:

And the new poster…

And of course, we got a new TRAILER!

I dare you not to tear up watching this BBC America-created video featuring fans around the world, including some familiar celebs, welcoming the new Doctor and celebrating that a woman’s got the role:

The Universe is definitely Calling.



You can now watch the full panel below!



Leona Laurie