With SDCC 2018 right around the corner, Blizzard Entertainment has announced that they have a massive line up in store. With the newest expansion for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth coming out this August and a new hero recently announced for Overwatch, Blizzard has a lot to talk about. They also have news for Starcraft and Hearthstone but have not said anything regarding Heroes of the Storm or Diablo. We do know there will be a few panels, signings, and SDCC exclusive merchandise!

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Blizzard Panels

Blizzard has announced three panels as of right now, but there could possibly be more to come. The first one is Behind the Cards: The Art of Blizzard’s Hearthstone. The panel will feature Ben Thompson, Hadidjah Chamberlain, Jomaro Kindred, and Matt Dixon as they delve deep into the creation of Hearthstone cards. They will walk viewers through new cards for the upcoming expansion, The Boomsday Project, from start to finish.

The second panel is Behind the Scenes of Overwatch’s Newest Hero and it’s being hosted  by Michael Chu, Arnold Tsang, Geoff Goodman, and Geoffery Garnett. They will give a behind-the-scenes look at the developing process for Wrecking Ball including story art and game play kit. Panelists will also stay after for a Q&A session.

The final announced panel is Chapters and Panels: Blizzard Publishing that’s being hosted by writers  Christie Golden, Jody Houser, Mark Evanier, and Steve Danuser. They will discuss how they work to bring Blizzard’s worlds to life through books and comics while also helping widen their world past the confines of a video game. They will also be discussing future projects and might even have some small surprises to share. 

Blizzard Signings

Blizzard currently announced two signings at their booth this year. The first will be with Simone Legno, founder of Tokidoki, a lifestyle brand with super adorable artwork. If you have ever walked into a Hot Topic then you have definitely seen his work. Blizzard is issuing wristbands prior to the signing at their booth. The second signing is with Christie Golden, author of several World of Warcraft novels. 

Blizzard Exclusive Merchandise

Blizzard will have all kinds of fun things to purchase when visiting their booth during SDCC. The following items will be exclusive to the event and can be purchased at their booth: Cute But Deadly: D.Va with MEKA, Cute But Deadly: Banshee Sylvanas and Holy Light Anduin 2-Pack, Overwatch: Goldimari Mini Plush, Cute But Deadly: Twilight Orisa, Funko POP! Vinyl: Roadhog & Junkrat 2-Pack, and Overwatch Blizzard World fine art. The Banshee Sylvanas and Holy Light Anduin look super adorable! More Blizzard items can be found at other booths during SDCC including an exclusive Grillmaster 76 at the Funko Pop! booth and a new Starcraft comic with an exclusive SDCC cover at the Dark Horse Comic booth.

We are looking to Blizzard this year for some pretty big announcements regarding the next World of Warcraft expansion which is entering its final month in beta before its release on August 14th. I am also really interested if they have any new information on the creation of WoW Vanilla servers! Regardless of which Blizzard game is your favorite, they will have a slew of information to share at this year’s SDCC!


Julia Roth
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