Bumblebee, the solo spin-off of the Transformers movies has been getting a lot of buzz. And, the Bumblebee crew came to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday to talk to fans about the movie. We’ve already gotten a really cool teaser from the film; Bumblebee’s origin story. And, the panel brought new details, a trailer and some classic rock!

Director Travis Knight, stars Hailee SteinfeldJohn Cena and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. made up the Bumblebee panel. It was moderated by Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican. John Cena even got in some Bumblebee cosplay on Friday morning! 

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As the panel was about to begin, fans were murmuring about a guitar being set up on the stage. And, then it happened. In what may be the best start to a panel ever, Stan Bush came on stage and performed “The Touch” from the 1986 animated Transformers movie! 

Wondering what you’re going to see in the spin-off? Well, Optimus Prime has already been confirmed, but Knight also confirmed the Deceptions, Shatter, Blitzwing and Dropkick, will be triple changers (car, aircraft, robot) and we’ll get a look at the Transformers’ home world, Cybertron! Sadly, Starscream will not appear in this one, folks. Blitzwing is the ‘jet’ in the first teaser. 

And, finally the new trailer was released.  Lots of action, lots of heart-warming moments of friendship, and lots of G1 pleasing aesthetics. Fans went nuts for the new footage, and reacted very favorably to the Optimus Prime G1 design. Optimus appears as a hologram in the trailer. Sadly, fans outside of Comic-Con still haven’t seen it but if it’s uploaded online – we’ll be bringing it to you! Bumblebee will bee in theaters this Christmas!  



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