Amazon Prime TV brought what one fan called a “showrunner masterclass” to their SDCC panel, which was composed of Carlton Cuse, executive producer of the new John Krasinski -starring Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan; creator of The Tick, Ben Edlund; Sam Esmail of Homecoming; Neil Gaiman of Good Omens; Gale Anne Hurd of Lore and Naren Shankar of The Expanse.

What we learned:

  • The Voice of God in Good Omens will be played by Frances McDormand, a fair trade for her borrowing Gaiman’s home in Scotland
  • Two episodes of season two of Lore will be new stories, and four will be adapted from the podcast
  • Noomi Rapace has joined the cast of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan as the female lead
  • Homecoming debuts on Amazon Prime November 2

We also got…

A fun message from the cast of The Expanse:

A trailer for Homecoming

A spooky trailer for the next season of Lore:

Some key art for Lore:

A first look at The Tick season two:

A first look at Good Omens:

And a peek at the Good Omens poster from Gaiman himself:

Lots of competition for buzz during this time slot, so Amazon Prime TV probably won’t win at tomorrow’s water cooler, but definitely some things to look forward to!


Leona Laurie