HBO released a new trailer for Westworld season 2 at SDCC and it is creepy.  Fans have been anticipating Westworld‘s appearance at the con with the hope that details would be divulged.  Not much new information was released during the panel, but the trailer was… and the trailer says death. 

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Set to the song ‘I Gotta Be Me’ we see a few things we might have expected and a few things we may not have.  Ed Harris had confirmed pretty early after the conclusion of season 1 that he’d be back, so seeing him wasn’t a surprise.  But, seeing him gunning people down along side Evan Rachel Wood is a bit of a surprise.  Bernard is back, and he’s on a mission… in a dune buggy no less.  Could it be that he is the only hope for peace in this thing?  We know that Maeve and Dolores are both out for destruction.  Then there’s blood and death and blood and blood and death.  So. Exciting. 

Watch and make your own conclusions.  Stay tuned to GGA for all of your Westworld news. 


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