Con Man initially made waves as an ultra successful crowd funded project when actors Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion first posted the idea to Kickstarter in 2015. After two delightful seasons, Tudyk announced at SDCC 2017 that Con Man found a new home.

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The series began on Vimeo, before making a move to Comic Con HQ for a second season. During its SDCC panel, the Con Man creative team announced that cable network SyFy picked up the first two seasons of the popular web series.  

Interestingly, Executive Producer PJ Haarsma also hinted there could be more coming. IndieWire quotes the producer, “Depending how well it does, hopefully it will be picked up for more”. So, vote with your ratings Con Man fans.  

The web series follows Wray Nerely (Tudyk) through his struggles to continue his acting career. His problem is, he can’t distance himself from his starring role in the short-lived, cult-classic television series Spectrum. Fillion appears as Jack Moore, who co-starred with Nerely as the ship’s charismatic captain. 

SyFy’s website proclaims the show will premiere in September. If ratings are good, a third season might follow the first two. Keep checking back for more details as we get closer to the start of the fall television season. 

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