For two years, the urban fantasy series Lucifer continues to be a high performer on Fox’s Monday night line-up. During their yearly SDCC panel, the show’s cast and crew dropped some tantalizing clues for their upcoming season premiere.

The team revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming third season, which debuts on October 2nd. Starting right where the finale left off, we see a confused Lucifer (Tom Ellis) finding himself once again with wings. The well edited trailer features all the usual awesomeness we’ve come to love in Lucifer. The footage features a tongue-in-cheek tone, as we watch the Prince of Darkness enjoying himself immensely. In one shot, he juggles breast implants while at a crime scene, “They’re called fun bags for a reason”. All the favorites are back for the action, with everyone (including Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris)) doing what they do best.

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In addition, the panel also dropped a surprise reveal that Tom Welling will be joining the show for season three. TVLine reports that Welling joins the series as Marcus Pierce, “…an accomplished police lieutenant who is strategic, reserved and well respected– that is, everything that Lucifer is not… perhaps even more annoying are all the things the gents have in common, both being charming, charismatic, and ‘handsome as hell’”. Finally, the casting marks Welling’s return to television after spending ten seasons as Clark Kent on the ultra popular, long-running WB/CW series Smallville

Check out the SDCC 2017 trailer below: 

Lucifer returns Monday October 2nd on your local Fox affiliate. 

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