Finally, finally, finally we got some news from Ready Player One. The Steven Spielberg film adaption is highly anticipated and up until this point, we only had a single image from the film. So with this SDCC panel, we were blessed with tidbits from the cast, director and writer of the novel.

Ernest Cline and Steven Spielberg took the stage first to thunderous applause. There were some note-worthy remarks between the two. For one, Cline said that Spielberg had “learned to become a storyteller from [him].” And when Spielberg read the book, he immediately thought “they’re gonna need another director”. The material was probably so overwhelming, he wasn’t sure if he could do it. Though from the trailer, it appears he very much could. Another fun fact – apparently Cline owns a DeLoreon. 

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Stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, TJ Miller, and Ben Mendelsohn were there but the cast did not take a Q&A during the panel. Miller, forever being the relatable one, was dressed in like Elliot from ET. Red hoodie and all. Really delves into the nostalgia feel.

According to Spielberg, the Iron Giant will play a prominent role in the film. Something to think about while we wait for the next bit of footage. Hot Topic advertised shirts with the new logo on it. And to keep things fun, the logo is actually a maze! Try your hand at it!

Those were just some of the highlights from the panel. The biggest, of course, being the premiere of the trailer! Be sure to check that out and stay tuned to Geek Girl Authority for more SDCC fun!

Erin Lynch